Thursday, April 27, 2006

Two Russian Girls and their Mom

It was in one of the break away republics that lawlessness was running rampant.

When the new administration came into effect it was decided that they would crack down on all violations harshly.

Education beyond the elementary level was considered a privilege and was offered only to those who could afford it and to those who achieved a specified level of accomplishment in the lower levels.

If a violation of the educational rules came about the student could be immediately expelled, there was a punitive alternative that could be implemented in certain instances with the parents approval.

In the case at hand the two daughters of Boris and Trinka Micgov were found smoking outside the school building, an act that normally would call for immediate expulsion.

The parents were called in with the girls present. From the file of the two girls the administrator pulled out a letter of authorization signed by both parents authorizing punitive punishment instead of expulsion.

The administrator looked upon Trinka, the mother and put as much blame on her for in this republic the mother was responsible for the actions of their daughter as the father is responsible for the action of their sons.

The administrator announced a sentence of 35 lashes of the administrative strap to be delivered to the bare bottoms of both girls as well as the mother and that all member of the family and administrative staff were to be present to witness the punishment.

Mrs. Micgov did not expect this, she had no idea that the school administrator would even consider exposing a full grown woman in that most embarrassing way and administering a thrashing to her upturned bare bottom while secured across a discipline table.

When Mrs. Micgov protested even the thought of such a concept, the administrator just said fine you only have two choices, either accept as you accepted for your daughters or both of your daughters are expelled from school, the choice is yours and make your decision quickly, you are wasting my time.

Mrs. Micgov was given 15 minutes to give the administrator her answer. She coward with her husband in the corner of the room with a concerned look on her face, her husband tried to be logic explaining that they really had no option, that unless she agreed to take the same discipline that the girls would get, they would be expelled. Trinka realized that she really had no choice so with a blushed face of embarrassment she told the administrator that she would agree to take the punishment.

Trinka tried to block out the administrator look when she told him she would accept the punishment, she could swear that she denoted a smirk from his lips.


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