Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Visit to My Cousin - Part I

After many years I went to visit my cousin in Las Vegas where she had recently moved. Her kids were not teenagers I haven’t seen them since they were little ones.

I go to vacation in Las Vegas about once a year so when I heard my cousin had moved there I though I would contact her.

Carol insisted on me staying at her place even though I really wanted to stay at one of the hotels. We compromised and I agreed to stay 3 days with her.

That first night we chatted all through the night mostly about the past and what has transpired in our respective lives and then we began chatting about that summer I had spent with Carol and her mom at their lakeside cottage in New Jersey.

Carol teased about that summer being the first time I was spanked and how she loved to watch me get it and how embarrassed I was to have my butt bared in front of them.

Even as an adult that brought a blush to my face but I recovered rapidly and told Carol that I very much enjoyed watching her get it in the same way, she smiled and said yes I thought so.

I did not let on that the spankings and exposure I got from her mom way back when left a lasting impression and that spanking had become a central part of my sex life, but I think Carol, being a bright lady had an idea of this.

It was the next day that Carol caught her 15 year old daughter Louise smoking, she was furious apparently this was not the first time, now you are going to get it I heard her say.

Maybe I should leave I told Carol, oh no Lou, she said if she gets it in front of you it would be that much more embarrassing for her, remember my mothers philosophy, I smiled and said oh yes very well, she smiled back.

Louise pleaded and begged for her mom not to spank her in front of me, she knew the spanking was a forgone conclusion so was now pleading for her modesty, her mom would not hear of it.

Carol had Louise fetch the strap, and as she handed it to Carol she showed it to me and asked if it looked familiar I smiled and said is it, she smiled back and said yup the same one mom used on us.

Louise was listening to this reminiscing but had other concerns on her mind at the time as Carol told her to take down her pants. With a final plea and a stomp of her foot Louise began to unbuckle her jeans. That will cost you miss, Carol said.

As Louise was taking down her jeans, knowing she was about to get spanked, I was sitting across them on an easy chair, I couldn’t help but be conscious of my aroused state.

Panties too, Carol said, mom – Louise protested – down now miss or it will be the worse for you.

With a hush Louise pulled them down, happy she exclaimed then she faced me raised her hands giving me a full frontal show saying not to me but to her mom now you happy he has seen it all,. Carol looked over at me and just grinned, over you go, she said.

Carol began to warm up Louise’ butt good and proper a nice fast peppering and in short order Louise was squirming as her butt was taking on a very nice pinkish glow.

I had to adjust I was too excited, Carol glanced over smiled at me and shook her head as if to say you naughty man, I blushed a bit.

Carol continued to pepper Louise’s bottom a bit more before she had her get up for the strap.

Over the arm of the couch Louise went, no protesting now, just full submission and no modesty as Louise did as she was told.

Carol picked up the strap and really began to lay it on it amazed me how well Louise took her licking.

Carol stopped for awhile, Louise looked up over her shoulder is it over now, yes honey you can get up, she did and apologized to her mom and they exchanged hugs.

Louise went upstairs to her bedroom.

Carol then looked at me and said Lou were you getting aroused at my daughters expense.

I said I better tell you the truth or I might find myself in the same position Louise was just in.

Carol smiled and said would you enjoy that smiling and teasing.

I paused a moment and said I think I might.

Carol said well that could be easily arranged and in the same way I just gave it to Louise.

I said you mean on the bare, yes she smiled.

I said bet you are anxious to see how I have changed since I was 12. She said you got that right.

I said ok then lets do it, she smiled stood up sat in the middle of the couch and said come over here mister.

I walked over slowly to her with her referring to me as a naughty young man in need of correction.

She did not ask me to take my pants down instead she began to unbuckle my pants looking up at me as she did so, I offered no resistance.

Once she opened the belt and zipper of my pants my fully erect penis was not bulging at the seams in my under pants to be freed, she ran the back of her hand over my cock as she lowered my pants smiling.

I just looked down at her and smiled as she did so.

Carol then inserted her thumbs into the elastic of my undies and yanked them down, my cock popped out like a jack rabbit we both laughed.

My, my she exclaimed you have developed very nicely, thank you I said.

Now over my lap she said as she tapped her hand on her thighs.

I clumsily placed myself over her lap and adjusted as Carol told me to get comfortable that I would be there for awhile.

I did position myself so that I was as comfortable as one could be naked over a ladies lap with hands and feet on the floor.

Carol rubbed and fondled as she talked and then spanked, her spanks felt so good the sting was really driving me wild.

She asked if I was going to be a good boy I asked if I were would I still get spanked, she responded so you are enjoying this I said yes very much, she spanked harder.

Still enjoying yourself I said yes good she whacked harder.

Then finally it was over the arm of the couch for the razor strap, she hit hard. How’s that she asked, enjoy yourself I said, I am she said.

In all I got a very long, hard, sound spanking and to set the whole thing off Carol gave me a great head job which didn’t take much to explode within her mouth.