Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Walker Texas Ranger Whipping

Last night for the second time I saw an episode of Walker Texas Ranger.

In this episode a group of mountain thugs accosted women to be their slaves.

When Alex, Walkers fiancée is accosted he saves the day of course.

In this episode the two ladies already enslaved showed Alex why they did not try to escape any longer, they lowered their dress in the back to show the marks of the whip.

Alex was warned not to try to escape but she did not heed the advice and was captured.

The thugs strung her up a tree suspending her by her arms ripping the back of her dress to bare her back for a whipping the head thug took out the whip and was just about to whip Alex when Walker came to the rescue.

All in all it was arousing to watch of course I would have loved to see Alex completely bared and given a strapping on her bare bottom instead of a cruel whipping on her back as the other ladies have received.

I think we are seeing more spanking related material on TV perhaps our numbers coming out of the closet of late is making the subject that much more appealing to the masses.

If I were to write this episode Alex would have been suspended by her wrists as she was by the branch of the old oak tree. She would have been totally stripped nude for the enjoyment of the men and the fear of the other two women let alone her personal embarrassment.

The two younger brothers would have taunted her with vulgar verbiage and perhaps very inappropriate touching and fondling.

She would have been soundly strapped across her bared buttocks by the eldest brother with his big 48 inch wide belt until her bottom was completely red and hot.

It would be at this point where Walker and his men break up the party and beat up the guys and until the 3 brothers are in cuffs, Alex continues to be suspended totally naked for not only Walker but his men to see her in all of her glory.

Once the 3 bad guys are apprehended Walker cuts down Alex and covers her much to the chagrin of the other men. Later Alex tells Walker she wouldn’t mind being suspended like that in private for him, Walker smiles and says that can easily be worked out.

This episode could continue for the ladies by having each of the three brothers suspended as Alex was and have the three ladies whip them.