Sunday, May 07, 2006


Lou and Alex decide on a romantic vacation to Greece.

Lou flies down to Boston where he meets with Alex.

Upon meeting we embrace, I help you with your stuff and check in on our flight.

We have some time so we decide on coffee and a light lunch before we board the plane.

On the plane we can’t stop talking about the varied things we had spoken about by email and on occasion by phone.

Before we knew it the announcement came to fasten our seat belts as we were approaching the Greek international airport.

We checked into this beautiful resort type hotel overlooking the ocean with a beautiful beach.

Our room had two queen sized beds and I assured you that we would sleep in separate beds unless you invited me to join you, it is always my objective to make you feel comfortable and safe and secure. When I tell you this you smile with a blush as you give me a lovely little kiss, I smile back at you.

Since we are a bit exhausted from the flight and unpacking we decide on dinner and a walk around the resort for our first night.

Dinner is at the hotel because we didn’t want to do any traveling outside the grounds in unfamiliar territory figuring the following day in daylight we would do a bit of exploring and pick out a night spot for that nights entertainment and dinner.

We enjoy a nice leisurely dinner with lots of good wine and then walk around the grounds a bit I take your hand and we chat as if we were two college kids.

After an hour or so we decide to go back to the room and shower before we go to bed. I tell you to go first; you smile at me again and give me another sweet kiss. I was kind of hoping that maybe you would invite me in to shower with you, but I didn’t want to push it, I wanted you to move at your own pace.

After your shower you come out in a bathrobe and towel over your head, no matter what you always look so wonderful, I take a deep breath and take in all of your beauty.

It was my turn to shower so I do so but leave the door open a crack to let the steam out and as a welcome invitation to you if you wanted to come in.

You don’t take the invitation but sit on your bed and turn on the TV.

As I come out I just have a towel wrapped around me, you smile as if you know the thoughts going through my mind, I smile back at you.

I sit next to you and lean over and kiss you. You reach up and kiss me back as you do so your robe opens a little exposing a great deal of cleavage I begin kissing your neck, you make no attempt to close your robe back up.

As I continue to kiss your neck I begin to move down to your shoulders, I find no resistance so my lips actually move your robe off your shoulder a bit showing even more cleavage. I am trying not to make it obvious that I am enjoying the cleavage you are allowing me to view, but I feel like I am awkward in trying to be less obvious.

I place my hand on the back of your neck and as I do so I allow my hand to go under the top of your bathrobe I slowly move my hand forcing your robe to open even more.

As your robe opens more I move my head lower kissing the top of your chest, your breasts are almost fully exposed now, all except for your nipples which I am anxious to explore.

I pause and look up at you into your eyes; you smile at me and kiss me again. While looking directly into your eyes I cup your face in my hands and give you a very passionate kiss.

I then move my hands under the top of your robe again and this time opens it wide so that your full breasts are now freed in all their glory including your lovely nipples.

I begin to kiss your breasts with my mouth rapidly approaching your nipples, kissing your nipples and nibbling on them as your nipples become so nicely erect for me.

I lean you back on the bed as your robe opens wider exposing your womanly charms. I begin to run my hand from your exposed knee up to your sweet vaginal triangle and as I touch you I can hear your moan of passion.


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