Saturday, May 06, 2006

Aunt Rita spanks me and Robby - part 1

My aunt Rita age 52 had a great summer cottage on the lake in New Jersey. Since my mom was recovering from a serious illness, it was thought to be a good idea for me to spend the summer with her. I was 14 at the time brought up in a very modest home where nobody would walk around in their underwear let alone bare. Corporal punishment was never employed in my house.

My Aunt Rita’s neighbor at the lake was Barbara age 56 she had a 15 year old son and my aunt was good friends with her, they felt we boys would become good friends and hang out for the summer.

My aunt was a great person to be around, she would spend time with us, play games and was generally a happy fun type of person, but she was a stickler on her rules and regulations. I should describe my aunt to you, she was tall and thin yet had large full breasts and a nice full round backside that jiggled when she walked. She was not nearly as modest as my mom or sister in fact to me I would say she was a bit of an exhibitionist.

I did not know Barbara that well I can describe her as being shorter than my aunt pleasantly plump with a full backside, body shape and breasts. She was very stern; I noticed her son Robby was very obedient when around her.

So it was that Robby and I did become good friends and we began to drift further and further each day away from our respective houses to explore the areas around the lake. Both my aunt Rita and his mom, who I referred to as Ms. Barbara as my aunt told me to, gave us strict instructions as to the time to be home for dinner. We often had dinner together and became close friends.

After several days Robby and I were exploring as usual and it seemed to be very exciting to see what might be a few hundred yards up ahead. Just then Robby stopped in his shoes and said it is getting late we better head back, I convinced him that it won’t be that much longer besides it is no big deal if we got back a little late. Robby said he really thought that we should go back, he didn’t want to let me know what his fear and concerns were and he didn’t want to be a party pooper so he agreed to go on with me.

As we went a few hundred yards further the terrain got much rougher and the weather began to change, Robby again demonstrated his concern for us to head back, but I insisted that we were almost there. Again with a level of reluctance Robby agreed to go on.

We went a bit further and the sky opened up it began to pour and as it did the terrain got very muddy making it extremely difficult to walk. We trumped through the mud heading back, by the time we returned home we were soaked to the bone and were more than an hour late.

My aunt and Ms. Barbara were very concerned once the skies opened up knowing how treacherous the terrain can get when it gets wet.

When we did get home I noticed Robby’s mom reprimanding him, taking him by the arm and pulling him inside. My aunt Rita was also reprimanding me as we went into her cottage.

My aunt put up a hot bath for me to warm up and apparently Robby’s mom did the same. While I was taking a bath my aunt Rita called Ms. Barbara they agreed that what we did was a serious offense and that it is time we were both properly disciplined. Since we committed the offense together we should be punished together. They felt that would be more embarrassing and memorable.

I got out of the bath and got dressed my aunt scolded me again and informed me that both Robby and I were to be soundly disciplined. I was not sure I knew what my aunt meant when she referred to sound discipline, but Robby knew only too well.

A few minutes later Ms. Barbara and Robby came into Aunt Rita’s cottage, I noticed Robby down trodden and red faced not making eye contact. I looked over at my aunt asking what is going on. Ms. Barbara looked in my direction and said you will find out very soon.

Ms. Barbara then looked over at my aunt suggesting that Robby get disciplined first since it appears that Lou has not experienced proper punishment in some time if ever, my aunt Rita agreed.

My aunt had this small square kitchen table which she told Robby and me to bring into the living room which was the largest room in the cottage. As we placed the table in the center of the living room my aunt went into her bedroom to get a few pillows and her razor strop. I had noticed that Ms. Barbara had a large shopping bag with her and she took out a paddle and a big wooden hair brush from the bag. If I didn’t have an idea of what was in store for us before, I was getting a very good idea by this time.

The pillows were placed upon the end of the small table Ms. Barbara looked over at Robby and told him to lower his pants and underwear, meekly Robby obeyed I could not believe that we were going to get spanked like little boys on the bare, how embarrassing.

Aunt Rita suggested to Ms. Barbara that it might be a better idea for the boys to get totally nude to serve as a reminder of how severe we felt the offense was and also because the discipline sessions were to be long and diverse they would not have to be concerned about our underwear riding up. Ms. Barbara agreed thinking my aunts suggestion was a good idea, I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing.

Robby stripped totally he was then made to stand in front of both my aunt and his mom with his hands at his side as he was reprimanded and virtually made to admit that he deserved the discipline he was about to receive.

Robby was then instructed to bend over the table, my aunt took hold of his hands at the far end, and Ms. Barbara took up her position directly behind him with her big wooden hair brush in hand. She asked Robby if he was ready to receive his punishment, he said yes mam and it began.

Ms. Barbara was well versed in administering a blistering she began at the lower part of his bottom, the sit spot working her way up then across, then down and then across and repeated the same process over and over again. Robby was fairly quiet at first with a slight jerk with each swat which amazed me it looked and sounded to be quite painful and his bottom was getting very red.

After perhaps 40 or 50 good hard and fast swats Robby’s bottom was totally red and he was yelping with each added swat, finally his mom stopped saying she thought he was ready for the strap. Ms. Barbara suggested my aunt check out Robby’s bottom, she released his hands went around to the other end ran her hand over his out thrust bare very red bottom saying it feels good and warm and looks good and red adding a few hand smacks as a form of confirmation.

Ms. Barbara then told Robby he could get up and stand to the side hands on his head. She turned to me ordering me to strip, I was too embarrassed, I had never been nude in front of women, I had never been spanked, I pleaded with both my aunt and Ms. Barbara to no avail.

I was told that if I did not comply that I would receive that much more, crying I began to undress.

Once I had gotten down to my underpants I covered myself but I was instructed to stand before them with my hands at my side, I was so red faced having them see me totally naked like that. I was already pretty well developed and Ms. Barbara to further embarrass me made a comment that I had nothing to be ashamed of, my aunt smiled at that comment making me feel that much more embarrassed.

I took up the position previously occupied by Robby; I reached my hands out to Ms. Barbara who took firm hold of them.

My aunt placed herself directly behind me and like Ms. Barbara began to really lay it on hard and fast. By 20 swats I was crying like a baby but my aunt did not let up until my entire bottom was good and red and warm like Robby’s. I thought she would never let up and I though I would never be able to take it. Like my aunt Ms. Barbara then came around to inspect my red hot bottom rubbing a bit and giving me a few hand spanks before I was instructed to stand in the corner.

Now both well prepared from the hair brush spanking we were informed of our next position and implement to be used on us.


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