Monday, May 22, 2006

Big Love - May 21 2006

In Last nights episode of Big Love Nicki decided to change her will so that if she died her children's guardians would be her parents, this arouse after all three wives agreed to keep all of the children together.

Keep in mind Nicki created this fiasco after the revelation about her indebtness, where in my opinion she should have gotten a very sound spanking, still feel that way.

Ok here goes my take on yesterdays revelation.

When both Barb and Margie discover that Nicki decided upon swithing her will they were besides themselves with Nicki, it was sort of the straw that broke the camels back.

Both the 1st and 3rd. wife approach Nicki and tell her they have decided to discipline her for her behavior.

After a sit down discussion Nicki reluctantly agrees to accept punishment from Barb since she is the eldest, but Barb insists that Margie have a part in disciplining her as well since she is one of the mothers of the children as well.

Nicki really felt funny about getting spanked by Margie since she is younger, but when Barb told her the alternative would be to tell Bill and let him handle it, Nicki reluctantly agreed.

Margie was all smiles as both she and Barb took Nicki to the garage where a wooden horse was set up, a blanket thrown over the horse, Nicki had to raise her skirt and lower her panties as Barb gave her a very sound thrashing with the belt.

Nicki's cute full bottom was very red by the time Barb had finsihed with her, Nicki was crying like a baby. Barb handed the strap to Margie who gleefully took it and began administering additional strokes.

Nicki's bottom was already so sore from the strapping she just got from Barb that she cried out with each stroke that Margie gave her.

After about an additional 20 strokes from Margie Barb told her she thought Nicki had enough, she laid on about 5 more before she gave up the strap.

Nicki was let up and the all hugged, but Nicki turned to Margie and said wait until I get your bottom in that position, but I do love you all and I did deserve everything I got.

They went inside to Nicki's bedroom had her lay face down on the bed and the two other women applied lotion to her bruised bottom.


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