Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dr. Brown's Wife

It was during the depression that 19 year old Jack desperately sought any work possible so he could get a dress his mother wanted.
Jack went from store to store offering to do any kind of work to raise money for the dress.
At the general store he ran into Dr. Brown who offered him $10 if he would clean up his basement.
Jack agreed, Dr. Brown told Jack to go right downstairs and not disturb his wife.
Jack went to Dr. Brown’s house entered the basement, turned on the light and began to clean up, it was a mess.
Shortly after he began cleaning the light went on, it was Mrs. Brown, oh hi I am Jack, and your husband hired me to clean up the basement.
Oh said Mrs. Brown as she came downstairs, how old are you Jack, she asked, I am 19 ma’am he answered.
You are a handsome young man Jack; Mrs. Brown said and so well developed. Jack looked at her saying thank you.
Mrs. Brown came up to Jack and ran her hand over Jacks arm, nice smooth skin Jack, she said and such muscles. You know Dr. Brown never touches me anymore she said.
Jack, feeling uncomfortable and needing to make another $10 somehow to get his mother that dress told Mrs. Brown he had work to do and time was running out because he needed to raise another $10 to get a dress for his mother.
I have $10 upstairs on my dresser, Mrs. Brown said, if you come upstairs it is yours.
Come upstairs, Mrs. Brown, Jack asked, what will I have to do?
Do, Mrs. Brown repeated, oh all you have to do is touch me.
Touch you Mrs. Brown, Jack asked….
Yes Jack were you spanked as a boy?
Spanked Mrs. Brown, Jack asked?
Yes spanked I am sure you know what a spanking is?
Yes I know what a spanking is Jack replied.
Good said Mrs. Brown, would you like to bare my bottom and give me a good sound spanking. That is all you have to do to earn the $10.
What, Jack asked?
Mrs. Brown smiled, and said she like to be spanked on her bare bottom with the razor strop.
Jack was really surprised by this, he heard about people liking to get spanked, but this was a lot to digest for his young mind all at once.
He thought about Mrs. Brown’s request and began to get excited. He realized that he would get to see this pleasantly plump middle aged woman’s bare bottom and maybe more. That to spank her bottom could be fun and there was no hard work or risk and he would have the money to buy his mother the dress she so desperately wanted.
Jack looked over at Mrs. Brown, all I have to do is give you a spanking with the strap and you will give me $10, he asked.
Yes Mrs. Brown said with a smile.
Ok Jack said.
Mrs. Brown reached out her hand come with me upstairs to my bedroom.
Jack took her hand and they went upstairs.
As she entered her bedroom she went over to the closet and took out a big thick old warn razor strop she ran her hand over the strop lovingly looking at it and saying that this is the razor strop that was used on her by her uncle when she was a little girl, she handed the strop to Jack.
Mrs. Brown went over to the head of her bed and took both pillows and stacked them in the center of the bed. She smiled to Jack and asked him if he had ever seen a grown woman totally naked.
Jack was a bit flushed and nervous but also anxious to see how this was to play out, he said no.
Would you like me to get all undressed in front of you Jack, Mrs. Brown teased.
Ah yes, sure, Jack replied.
Mrs. Brown smiled as she took off her shoes and threw them on the side. She sat down on the bed and raised her skirt a bit to unfasten first one then the other nylon.
Jack was watching wide eyed and getting aroused as she was undressing before him.
With her shoes and nylons off, Mrs. Brown began to get undressed in a sexy, sensual, strip teasing kind of a way.
Jack could not help but get aroused as this attractive pleasantly plump wife of a doctor was exposing herself slowly before him.
Down to her bra and panties Mrs. Brown again took the opportunity to tease Jack by asking him if he would prefer to take her bra off.
Ah sure Jack said as Mrs. Brown turned around offering the fastener from her bra to Jack’s nervous hand.
Jack unhooked Mrs. Brown who turned around facing Jack holding her loose bra up then she slowly took one strap then the other off of her shoulder. While doing so she continued to maintain direct eye contact with Jack and always had that sly smile upon her face.
As she let the bra fall away and the abundance and beautiful full breasts came into Jack’s full view, he was mesmerized by the sight before him.
Almost in a trance viewing Mrs. Brown’s breasts, she had to call his name twice to get his attention as she inserted her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her panties.
Slowly she began to lower her panties until the forest of her charms came into view, then she turned and lowered them off of her bottom so that her full round bottom was now totally bare for Jack to view and admire.
She allowed Jack several moments to take in her posterior and then lowered her panties all the way down and took them off.
Mrs. Brown then slowly turned around keeping her hands over her feminine triangle then looking straight into Jack’s eyes and smiling she removed her hands and put them out to her sides putting herself on full display for Jack to take in.
Jack’s was hard as a rock and it was very apparent, Mrs. Brown looked down at his crotch and said my my aren’t we a bit excited.
Jack turned a blushing red from that remark and said nothing.
Mrs. Brown said to Jack that he should free the constraints of his manly desire that it would make him feel that much better.
Jack reluctant thought twice when Mrs. Brown encouraged him further by moving up to him and rubbing his buldge.
Mrs. Brown undid Jack’s pants and pulled them down followed quickly by his under shorts.
My aren’t we an eager beaver Mrs. Brown pronounced as she ran her hand over Jack’s shaft.
Mrs. Brown then reached over for the razor strop handed it teasingly to Jack and said lets get on with the task at hand.
Mrs. Brown bent over the pillows positioning her well formed bare bottom in the perfect position for Jack to chastise her.
She parted her legs a bit so her charms showed through, wiggled her bottom, looked over her shoulder and said Jack obviously I am a very naughty lady to so expose myself to you like this, give me the good sound stropping I so well deserve.
Jack placed the strop across Mrs. Brown’s bottom and then raised it and let it fly. The first stroke was moderate, Mrs. Brown ohhhhhhhed and said good harder and faster.
Jack gave her another stroke this time harder followed again by another oh, ah, yes Mrs. Brown moaned let me have it, give it to me good.
As Mrs. Brown was moaning these words Jack was getting into a good rhythm of stropping her, her bottom was getting very red and warm to the touch, but she was asking for more and faster and harder.
After several more strokes of the razor strop Mrs. Brown collapsed on the bed, her voice was hoarse now she asked for Jack to rub her bottom to soothe it.
Jack did as Mrs. Brown requested and as he was doing so Mrs. Brown was recovering from her sexual release and began to ask Jack if he enjoyed giving her a whopping. Jack smiled and said yes I did.
Mrs. Brown smiled back and said next time maybe we will switch places, Jack thought a moment, smiled and said that could be fun too.


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