Sunday, May 14, 2006

First Discipline Spanking from Pam

My friend Pam had a really cute 17 year old daughter who recently got her drivers license. As it turned out she went to a party and had a drink or two.

Well Pam tore into Sally as I had never seen her before the poor girl was crying and trying to apologize but Pam kept it up finally sending her to her room and telling her that she would deal with her later.

I felt so bad for Sally that I came to her defense, big mistake. Pam looked at me with daggers in her eyes. As soon as she gave me that look, I knew I was in big trouble.

Sally was sent upstairs to her bedroom and told to remain there, I felt it best to take my leave but Pam told me to stay and when Sally went upstairs she turned to me and told me to go down to the basement.

I had never been in Pam’s basement it was unfinished and was just full of boxes and a few shelves also in one corner was a work bench apparently her ex husbands.

In any event I was down in the basement for a good 10 minutes before Pam appeared. She reminded me that during our varied spanking sessions that we had for stress release and romance she had often teased about some day me getting her wrath ending in a true discipline spanking.

She told me time had arrived for my first true discipline spanking.

By the work bench was an old wooden horse she had me pull it out, she took an old army blanket and laid it over the wooden horse.

She searched for some rope to tie my hands and legs to the legs of the horse.

She had me take my pants down lay across the blanket on the horse and once secured she pulled my underpants down. Normally she would rub my bottom and possibly fondle me, not this time, instead she brought out an old razor strop, I didn’t even know she had it. She told me that when she was a girl her father and mother had used that strop on her.

She told me that she was going to give me a real hard discipline spanking but reminded me to try and keep it down because her daughter might hear and if necessary will muzzle me.

I always took pride in being able to take a good hard licking, but let me tell you for a little lady Pam really gave me a licking I won’t soon forget.

She took up her position behind me and without warning began to wail away as hard as she could, I heard the crack of the strop on my well positioned bare bottom, I was enjoying myself until we got to around 40 strokes.

By that time I was really missing the rubbing and fondling but took the next 20 without a sound other than a few grunts.

From about 60 strokes to 80 I began to yelp after almost every stroke and once we got beyond 80 strokes I was begging and pleading and apologizing for my stupid comments.

Pam only said she was glad she was making her point but would not stop and let me up until I was broken. Now she knew I had always taken pride in being able to take spankings like a man, but this was really hurting.

I began to whimper somewhere around 100 strokes and just let the tears flow around 125, finally at around 150 strokes she stopped.

She began to lecture me and reprimand me as she rubbed my bottom and then untied me and let me up.

When she let me up she extended her arms to me and hugged me forgiving me and telling me I got what I deserved, I said I am sorry and did deserve it.

Funny even though that was a very long hard spanking when she finished I was still pretty much erect.


At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess you really got what you deserve and i bet that from that moment you thought before you spoke

At 12:46 PM, Blogger loub said...

as I said prveiously even though it was a long hard spanking that I was regretting as it was being administered, after it was all over, say 1/2 hour later I was thinking that I would love a few more strokes.



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