Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fond Memories of Yvonne

When in college met this lady who was older than all of us in fact she had recently gone back to college to get her masters.

Yvonne lived in a converted 2 car garage that she owned, it made a very nice studio apartment, the large colonial house she rented out to male students.

Almost every week end the guys in that house had parties and I was invited, so was Yvonne, she was like the mother hen, but enjoyed the parties and fun as much as the next guy.

Let me describe Yvonne to you she was probably in her late 20’s pleasantly plump, very large soft smooth breasts a nice big round full backside in all very sexy.

My friend Joe, a year ahead of me, a senior was going out with Yvonne, he graduated and went to grad school at KU. Yvonne took a liking to me and I looked up to her, we were not boyfriend – girlfriend but we could play a bit with each other and I could discuss anything with her.

One Friday night there was a big party at the house I desperately wanted to go but I had to study for an exam, I decided to go to the party.

As it turned out I did very poorly on that exam and really felt guilty and stressed out about it.

I began to tell Yvonne about what happened, she was a good listener and also gave good advice.

I was surprised when Yvonne said to me you have been punishing yourself for what you did but it is not doing you any good, you have to get it over with. I said easier said than done.

Yvonne thought for a moment and said she had a solution. I asked what it was, she said come with me to my cottage, she took my hand and led the way.

What’ s up Yvonne, I asked. She said you’ll see as she went to her closet and all the way in the back of the closet hanging on a hook she took out a big old worn razor strop.

When she took it out and began to run it through her hands I began to get excited, Yvonne knew I enjoyed the concept of spanking we had discussed it, but I never thought she would consider spanking me.

Yvonne was looking at the strop telling me that as a girl she and her brother would get this strop from her mom or dad on several occasions and believe me when they finished their point was well taken.

As she was telling me her tail I was becoming even more aroused. Finally Yvonne looked at me and smiled and said you know Lou I don’t think I have ever seen you nude, I blushed. She then joked saying that she thought that situation would change after today.

She told me that she thought a good sound thrashing was exactly what I needed to alleviate the feelings of stress and guilt, that she would enjoy applying it to my bare bottom and would enjoy exposing me totally to make the point well remembered, she added that was the way she was made to take it from her dad or mom.

She added that she knew I had been spanked by my aunt as a young boy and had seemed to enjoy it, she assured me I still might but that the spanking would fit the crime.

With a smirk on her face she asked me if I agreed and if I were ready and willing to submit to her. She was glowing with excitement too, how could I resist such an invitation.

I said ok a bit nervous and a bit embarrassed after all I had never been nude in front of her. To make matters worse she said ok let me make myself comfortable she took off her blouse and pants she was clad only in panties and bra. She had very large breasts as I said before so there was lots of cleavage showing as for being only in panties she has a great deal of hair down there so the swell by her groin and the darkness of her fur showed through her panties, a very sexy sight.

Yvonne asked if I wanted a hand spanking first or if I wanted to go right to the strop, I asked her if she would please give me the hand spanking first.

She smiled and said yea I always choose the hand spanking first too.

She told me to strip and put her hands on her hips smiling as I unbuckled first pulling down my pants then my underwear. As my underwear was taken down my semi erect cock popped out like jack in the box she laughed, I turned red.

She sat on the edge of the bed and tapped her nice full white thighs for me to lay over them. I positioned myself, she placed her hand on my butt rubbing a bit asking if I was comfortable, I said I was.

You firmed up her grip and asked if I were ready, I said I was.

Then she let me have it peppering the entire area from sit spot to just below the kidney area. Once well colored, and she remarked about the condition of my butt both its color and warmth, she stopped and told me to bend over the footboard of the belt to receive the razor strop.

She took up her position behind me, I looked over my shoulder what a sight she was, she made me part my legs and when I did so she not only rubbed my butt but fondled my balls and cock hanging down. She told me how she loved to see a mans cock and balls hanging down from the rear.

She told me that the licking was going to be severe and she wanted me to control myself and take it like a man, to take a firm grip on the railing of the bed and not let go or try to move out of position, I told her I would try.

She said she planned to give me 48 good hard strokes but if I moved out of position the stroke would not count and 3 more would be added.

The stropping began, I took the first 15 pretty well although they did sting like the dickens. With the next 10 I really had to force myself from trying to cover up. The next 10 I yelped and then finally I did cover up, she told me that’s 3 move your hands.

I removed my hands and she gave 3 quick ones I began to beg she said Lou lets get through this and I will take care of you. I gritted my teeth and she began to count for me 39, whack 40, whack 41 and it went on until I finally received a total of 54 strokes for moving out of position twice.

I had some tears in my eyes but was smiling as Yvonne hugged me telling me it was all over and helped me to lay on the bed on my belly.

She took out some cream and began to rub my hind quarters it felt good, she asked if I would like her to fondle me, my answer was to part my legs, she smiled as she began to fondle me, my Lou you are already hard, she teased.

Yvonne reached back unhooked her bra, she leaned over I could feel her nipples now erect rubbing first against my back then my bottom, mmmmmmm she exclaimed your butt is so hot. I looked over my shoulder to see those magnificent breasts hanging down in all their glory, yummy.

She rolled me over crouched over me by straddling me lowering her head to my cock and sucking it a bit until it began to pulsate.

Then she put me inside of her wow what a session, she really knew how to take care of her man in more ways than one.


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