Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kathy's Party

Kathy invited me to a party with her friends, she had one too many to drink and was really being very rude to me in front of her friends.

I warned Kathy that if she didn’t stop misbehaving I would embarrass her in front of all of her friends which would sober her up real fast and at the same time serve as enjoyable entertainment for all of her friends.

Kathy persisted in being a naughty brat so I had no other recourse.

I went up to the mike announced that I was going to give everyone a good show at Kathy’s expense, since she has acted like a naughty spoiled child and embarrassed several of the people at the party I thought it only right that she be embarrassed in front of all of you.

I am going to bare Kathy’s bottom, turn her over my knee and spank her then she will bend over and take a good sound paddling and then with her bottom good and red and still bare she will apologize to all of you for being a naughty brat.

With a modest plea but eyes filled with excitement for the show at your expense, you reluctantly approach me.

As you stand before me I unbuckle your belt and pull your pants down below your knees. As I do so you can hear cat whistles from the men seeing you clad now only in your panties.

As I lower your panties the comments are more pronounced as you are positioned over my knee.

As I begin to spank you earnestly the crowd joins in on the count. Whack … one – whack two, whack three and so on.

You wiggle a bit and shuffle a little but even though I am spanking you pretty hard with my hand you are taking it like a champ.

I am proud of how well you are taking your punishment but the paddle is yet to come.

I am handed a fraternity paddle, you know how big they are and I instruct you to bend over in the center of the dance floor placing your hands on your knees.

How many should I give her, I ask – she is 25 give her 25 good hard ones somebody yells out, 25 it is I say.

Count them out whack one, whack two, whack three and so it goes on.

You take the first 10 pretty well but after that each brings a yelp from your lips, I pause to lean over doing ok baby, I ask – yea Lou fine I’m ok you say go ahead let me have it, besides I deserve it, I smile I guess you sobered up hey, yea Lou go ahead you say.

I reposition myself and continue the paddling yelp, yelp, yelp with each around 20 whacks I see tears running down your cheeks, I pause again this time rubbing your butt.

Baby girl doing ok, yea Lou you smile at me I love it they do too I tell her yea I bet she says can’t wait to get alone with you – you tell me – I smile in that case better finish you off, go for it you say.

So I administer the last 5 good and proper. You get up smiling the crowd applauds; you wave at them proud of how well you took your licks.

You grab my hand and drag me into the bedroom.


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Pam said...

Another very good one.
thank you!

At 12:47 PM, Blogger loub said...

Glad you liked it


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