Friday, May 12, 2006

Kathy's Punishment Spanking

We were out for dinner Kathy and I but she was really acting like a bitch, I had told her that I had a rough day and wasn't feeling all that well.

I always try to put the days problems at work behind me when I am with Kathy but this time you were really breaking them.

I told you Kathy that I was not in the mood, but you kept egging me on, I tell you that I am really going to give it to you if you don't stop, your response promises, promises.

Kathy I don't mean a romantic, erotic spanking I mean a real punishment spanking, I have never given you a true punishment spanking.

You would not let up, your response well maybe that is what I need you tease.

Ok lets go Kathy, I call the waiter over tell him to wrap up the rest of our dinner.

No, no Lou I was only teasing we don't have to leave now, you say.

Lets go Kathy, I say with determination in my voice.

You see I mean business, Lou I am sorry, you will be miss when we get home.

You scurry up behind me I am almost dragging you to the car, we get home I take off my jacket take off your dress Kathy and lay across the bed.

Lou please I'm sorry I really didn't mean it, across the bed Kathy.

Seeing I meant business and knowing you were going to get it good and proper, you didn't want to make it any worse, so you begin to get undressed.

I in the mean time pull out the old razor strop that I had hanging in the back of the closet, it hasn't been used in a long time, it was well worn and in need of oiling.

As I watch you getting undressed I take out some oil and begin to oil the old razor strop. I look up everything off and stack the pillows at the end of the bed.

You do as I tell you.

I finally get up and move up behind you, don't try to cover up and don't move out of position, understand Kathy, yes Lou is your meek reply.

Unlike the normal romantic spankings, no hand spanking, no rubbing, no fondling whack, whack, whack I start right away tanning your hide.

It doesn't take too long for you be begin wiggling and even arching up as you do during a typical arousal spanking to get me going, but this time it was a punishment spanking and I meant to teach you a good lesson.

So the hard and fast stropping went on and your taunting changed to grunting and your grunting changed to yelping, the yelping to pleas and the pleas to cries.

After perhaps 75 good hard fast strokes to your upturned bare bottom I stop.

You are laying there crying like a baby, I feel badly you hold your position and look up at me with tear filled eyes, I help you up and embrace you.

I hug you and kiss you and apologize I lay you on your belly on the bed and apply the lotion soothing you.

I tell you I really am sorry Kathy but you did deserve a punishment spanking, then I thought for a moment and offered you the ability to let me have it.

Not now Lou when I feel a bit better, just hold me you say.


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