Thursday, May 25, 2006

Laura In Singapore

This is a takeoff on the experience I had in Tai Won.

Laura and Lou decide to vacation together in Singapore

As we arrive security pulls Laura out of the line and two female guards take her to the ladies room

Laura is strip searched and found to be carrying marijuana.

Singapore doesn’t wait long for trials or verdicts.

Laura is put in a women’s jail awaiting trial the following day.

In the jail are many male guards who sneer at Laura as an American and because of her lovely charms.

I am in contact with the American embassy and a representative does come to see you but it is much red tape to race against the clock before the trial.

The trial is held the following day it is all in their language we have a lady lawyer who can barely speak English herself Laura is found guilty to possession of marijuana.

She is offered the option of 30 days or 30 lashes.

Laura is besides herself she is told that the lashes are very harsh and it will be done in public with her fully exposed on view for all assembled to witness.

I convince you that the prisons at Singapore are very poorly maintained as is the food and bathroom facilities and that the cruel guards would probably beat her and rape her so she is better off just taking a beating up front and getting it over with.

Laura agrees and the following day she is sentenced to receive 30 lashes with the administrative strap.

Prior to being brought to the staging area Laura is examined by a doctor. It was humiliating enough to be examined in all of her cavities by a male doctor in her cell, but to make matters worse the male guards were standing outside the cell watching and enjoying and remarking as Laura had to lay on her back legs up in the gyno position, as she was made to take up this position the male guards all begin to laugh and make remarks.

Laura was given a plain prison dress it looked like a sack with a hole in it for the head to pass through.
Laura is brought to a staging area where there is a table with three chairs seated are 3 judges.

The general public is assembled around the stage.

In the center of the stage is the discipline device. It is a series of 2 x 4 beams with hinges at the center also having two cross beams.

Laura is escorted to stand in front of the judges, they hold her arms as the judges speak, a translator tells Laura what they are saying.

Laura is told of what she is found guilty of and that she agreed to submit to corporal punishment by means of a judicial strap in the amount of 30 strokes upon her bared bottom.

Laura is asked if she agreed to accept the lashing in lieu of jail time, Laura acknowledges.

The matrons escort Laura to stand facing the discipline device.

Laura’s arms are raised and attached to the top of the device forcing her arms to be stretched above her head.

The other matron reaches down to the hem of Laura’s prison dress and raises it up exposing her luscious bare bottom for all to admire. Cat whistles and remarks are heard especially from the male members of the audience.

The hem of Laura’s dress is fastened to the top of her dress keeping the dress up above her waist so that her bottom is properly exposed to receive the forthcoming discipline.

Each leg is now spread and fastened to the legs of the device crudely exposing Laura’s beautiful womanly charms for all those to observe and enjoy.

The top section of the device is bent forward so that her head is only about a foot from the ground forcing her bottom to be elevated at the perfect level to receive the judicial strap.

A man hooded takes up his position behind Laura he is looking at the judges awaiting a nod to proceed.

A second man approaches and stands to Laura’s right further behind her he has a clip board.

The judge nods to the man with the strap and he proceeds to apply the first stroke, one counts the man with the clip board. Laura lets out a screech.

They pause for about 30 seconds between strokes whack, ahhhhh is Laura’s remark.

With only two strokes Laura’s beautiful bottom was already shinning a very nice shade of red.

Whack, three as Laura bucked but the restraints held her into position.

Whack four oh my G-d Laura exclaimed.

Whack five ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Whack six please I’m sorry

Whack seven nooooooooooooooooo

And so the judicial strapping of Laura an American lady continued until her entire full bottom was soundly strapped a very bright crimson shade of red.

Laura was released from the discipline device and the matrons dragged her to a holding area.

The authorities allowed me to accompany Laura to the holding area whereupon they gave me an ointment to apply to her bottom.

Laura was place on a cot on her belly with her skirt up in the rear, I sat down next to her and began to comfort her applying the ointment to her throbbing rear end. She was still sobbing softly but did indicated the soothing effect of the ointment.

I began to comfort Laura telling her that the ordeal was over that she took her punishment so well that she looked so beautiful and had nothing to be embarrassed about.

When we got to our hotel I put up a bath for Laura and rubbed her back as she was relaxing as she got out of the bath once again I had her lay on her belly this time applying lotion to her purplish bottom.

I was about to tuck Laura in figuring she would want to sleep, but she asked me if I would get in bed with her.

I took off all of my clothing, Laura watched as I did so I made sure she was able to see whatever please her.

I got into the bed I comforted her holding her and caressing her when she asked me to make love to her.

We made love in a very soft and gentle way so as not to hurt her already bruised posterior.


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