Thursday, May 25, 2006

Laura The Insurance Agent

Many of the stories I write are taken partly from real life experiences and embellished.

Of late I was involved with a health insurance company in the tedious task of getting code approval of a procedure I need and am covered for.

Laura I will make you the supervisor in charge who I ultimately had resolve my case but not until I threatened with governmental investigation.

Laura if you were in my area I would take you and put you over my knee bare your bottom and give you a well deserved spanking for the hard time you have given me.

Well Lou it is my job to try and save the company I work for money, if we can settle a claim for a lesser amount I get a commission on the amount saved.

Where are you located, oh I am in the same area code as you as a matter of fact.

Well Laura I tell you what either you agree to meet with me and take a good sound embarssing spanking on your bare bottom or I am going to file a complaint against you now what will it be.

Oh Lou please don’t file a complaint my boss told me one more complaint and I am out and I really need this job it is a good job.

Well then Laura are you prepared to accept the alternative?

But Lou you really don’t expect to spank me after all I am a grown woman and on the bare bottom that would be so embarssing.

As a grown woman you should know better don’t you agree – ah, well yes I guess you are right I am sorry.

Sorry will not cut it Laura now I am losing patients with you.

I guess I will take the spanking.

We meet half way between at a motel I bring along a big old razor strop from my aunts favorite collection.

I have you remove your dress completely and stand before me hands at your side reprimanding you as I admire your charms and relish in your embarrassed state.

Finally I have you bend over the foot board of the bed with your legs nicely parted so that all of your womanly charms are not only on display but open for inspection.

I take the strop lay it across your bared buttocks and proceed to thrash you.

With each stroke your bottom becomes a darker shade of red until I have you yelping and begging for mercy, soon that mature arrogant manager is crying crocodile tears like a little naughty young girl.


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Pam said...

A good one also.


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