Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Laura The Rich Man's Wife

Laura was the wife of a wealthy Importer who was away from Laura a great deal of the time.

Her husband was much older not much of a lover and never satisfied her sensual and spanking desires. Laura stayed with him for the benefit of the kids but was increasingly finding his touch to be revolting and her desire for sexual and spanking release increasing.

Laura’s husband hired me as his manager mostly to coordinate his business affairs while he was away, he set up an office in his elaborate spacious home but told me not to go into the living part of the house where Laura would be.

One day while working attentively in the office the door adjoining the living quarters of the house opens and there you are standing in a sheer negligee.

I am a bit shy and nervous I like my job and don’t want to jeopardize it yet I also feel a need to be polite to you after all you are the wife of my boss.

You say hi I am Laura, I stand up yes how do you do mam I am Lou your husband’s manager. I can’t help staring at your beauty and the way you are dressed I can see your nipples through the negligee and a dark patch by your pussy. You know only too well what I can see and you smile at my discomfort and obvious arousal.

You walk closer to me in a seductive manor asking me if I find you attract, ah yes mam you are very attractive.

Would you like to see me nude, you ask, I ah mam I think I better get back to work, I say.

I am a lonely woman married to a man who doesn’t take care of me sexually, you say, you are very handsome Lou would you like to make love to me, you ask.

Mam, I should get back to work, I say, you smile, I know I am being very naughty with you Lou, you say, that is why I want you to spank me.

Spank you mam, I ask.

Yes Lou I enjoy getting spanked by a handsome man like you right on my bare bottom with a razor strop.

Come upstairs with me Lou, my husband won’t be back for days for each spanking and sex you give me I will pay you double your daily pay I heard you are saving to buy a home of your own to provide for your children.

Ah yes mam, but I don’t think it would be proper.

Don’t be silly Lou, you say, is it proper for my husband to leave me alone all these times and when home to rarely come close to me and when he does it is only for his own personal satisfaction.

Double my daily pay, I ask, you smile and reach your hand out to me, I take your hand and you take me to your bedroom suite.

Once we get into your bedroom you have me sit on the edge of your bed as you go to your closet and take out a big old worn razor strop.

You run the razor strop seductively and lovingly through your hands as you approach me.

You ask me if I had ever disciplined a lady on her bare backside with a strap, ah yes mam I did several times as I too have received the strap.

I perked your interest with that response you thought me to not be into any kink.

Really, you exclaim, yes mam I must confess that a woman’s posterior is very exciting to me and when applying a spanking when the bottom turns to pink and then red, the warmth, well mam it is very arousing to me.

You smile broadly, Lou, you say I think we are both going to have a very enjoyable afternoon.

You hand the razor strop to me telling me not to spare the force of the strokes that you like them good and hard.

You go to the head of the bed take about 3 pillows and position them in the center of the bed stacked one on top of the other.

You now stand facing me and smiling as you begin to open your negligee exposing all of your charms to me, I am staring and getting aroused. You can see the bulge in my pants and make a comment about my condition making me blush.

You climb onto the bed on your knees position yourself over the pillows lower your head so it rests on the mattress you spread your legs so all of your womanly charms are on full display to me.

You look back over your shoulder smiling at me as you wiggle your bottom, you can fondle me Lou if you wish, I hesitate but I want to fondle you as much as you want me to.

I move up and put my hand on your butt, run your finger down my crack you tell me, I do as you request.

You moan nice Lou now underneath stick your finger in me, again I do as you request, I can feel your moisture, your warmth and your moaning tells me that you are already very aroused.

In a hoarse voice you say now thrash me, thrash me good, I raise the strop and bring it down across your beautiful bare bottom with but one stroke a wonderful pink aurora appears. MMMMMMMMMMMM harder Lou and faster closer together I whop you again and again you moan with each stroke rub me Lou you say I do and then I fondle I spank you again whack, whack, whack yes oh yes more harder you say, whack, whack, whack…

I continue to whack you and fondle you and then you cum you rest a moment and turn over parting your legs.

You look up at me smiling, do you like my pussy you ask, yes mam, I say.

You smile take off your clothes Lou – ah yes mam I say as I begin to undress as I turn away from you, no Lou I want you to face me I want to see all of you as you get undressed.

I get undressed as you watch me facing you I am fully erect come close to me you say, I do, you grab my shaft and stroke it a little, does that feel good Lou, you ask – yes mam.

I want you to lick my snatch you say come here between my legs and lick my pussy.

I climb between your legs and move my lips down to your pussy as I put my lips on your pussy you push my head down so that the contact is harder rougher the way you want it the way you love it.

I begin to lick your pussy, you are moaning, stick your tongue inside Lou, I do wiggling it you moan louder and harder and buck once again as you cum for the second time.

You rest once again hand under your head propping your head up as you lay there totally naked with your legs nicely spread apart I can see your pussy lips are swollen eager for more action.

Ok Lou now I want you to fuck me climbs over me so I can grab your cock I want to fondle you a little.

I straddle you on my hands and knees with you under me laying flat legs nicely apart you reach under me and begin to fondle my balls, feel good, you ask, oh yes mam.

You smile and reach for my cock it is throbbing are you ready, yes mam I say very much ready.

You take the head of my cock and stick it into your sweet pussy, it is so soft and warm and moist.

I begin to lower myself into you slowly at first that faster and harder we both don’t need much priming we are both very hot we pump and hold tight and cum together I collapse onto you, you put your arms around me rubbing my back moving your hands to my backside stroking my backside as I nestle into your bosom.

We get up you go over to your purse take out $300 in cash hand it to me, same time tomorrow you smile, yes mam I say, bye for now, bye I say.


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