Friday, May 26, 2006

Laura Spanked in Front of her Class

Laura you continue to be naughty no matter how much I end up spanking
you, you leave me no other recourse but to discipline you in a way
that would prove to be very embarrassing to you and in addition very

You pout wondering what it is that I have in mind, but I only smile at
you and say you will find out soon enough.

I contact your teachers at school and some of your friends boys and
girls I arrange for them to all come to my house to witness your
public humiliation and discipline.

They are all assembled when you arrive, you come to me and say Lou
what are all of my classmates and teachers doing here, you appear a
bit nervous.

I take you by the hand and we walk over to some of the kids from your
class, this is Johnny you know him he tells me you always flirt with
him and then insult him, we go to Billy he said you curse at him all
of the time, we see Cindy who said you stole her panties in the girls
locker room and this is Mr. Smith your math teacher who said you do
not pay attention in class. Mrs. Jones your history teacher says you
are always talking and are disrespectful and she said she would love
to see you disciplined in the old fashion way.

Laura I am going to discipline you in front of your classmates and
teachers I am sure they will all enjoy your exposure and spanking
especially those that you have treated badly.

Now Laura I know you are a true brat and as such I think we will have
to secure you for the discipline that awaits you.

Before we begin the discipline session and because it is going to be
prolonged and embarrassing the school nurse suggested I first take
your temperature and then give you an enema to clean you out, both
will serve two purposes to make sure you are normal and clean but it
will also be done in a very embarrassing manor your temperature will
be taken rectally also.

You attempt to run out of the house but two of the boys grab you and
bring you over to me I hug you and kiss you on your forehead saying
you asked for this and now your are going to get it good and proper.

I have the boys help me to put you on all fours on top of the table
with them holding you down I raise your skirt and begin to pull down
your panties.

As I begin to pull down your panties you plead with me Lou please
don't not in front of my classmates and teachers how will I ever face
them again.

I smile and say it is too late for that now and with those remarks I
pull down your panties. You hear many remarks from the boys some of
the girls giggle as the adults just smile at your bare bottom.

I take a jar of Vaseline stick the thermometer in and then spread your
bottom cheeks and insert the thermometer into your cute little anus.

All are watching your embarrassing condition with great interest. I
take out the thermometer and announce with glee that you are normal.
I ask one of the girls to bring over the enema bag and fill it with
warm soapy water.

On no please Lou you plead as once again your bottom cheeks are parted
to allow the nozzle of the enema bag to enter and fill you.

You are helpless but to accept the indignities that are bestowed upon

You just take it in having an increased desire to relieve yourself.

Part II

I allow you to get up and have one female teacher and a female student
to accompany you to the bathroom to relieve yourself.

When you return young lady you will be totally exposed for the
enjoyment of all as you will be soundly disciplined.

You come back with tears in your eyes as I lay out the implements of
your chastisement a hair brush, a paddle, a strap and the cane.

I advise you that we will begin with the hair brush over my knee you
will get at least 40 with the hair brush but if you do not take your
hair brush spanking well and cooperate you will get more the same
holds true for you allotment of strokes with the paddle 24, the strap
24 and the cane 12.

It is up to you Laura how many strokes beyond the allotment you get.

Now naughty girl take off your skirt and blouse I want you totally
naked for all of your classmates and teachers to see you and look at

Please Lou please do you want to increase your strokes - oh no Lou you
sob as you begin to open your blouse.

As you remove your blouse you look at me once again with pleading eyes
I nod and smile and you reach behind you and unfasten your bra. You
unhook your bra let it fall loose and take it off with the natural
instinct to try to cover your bare breasts but I have you place your
hands on your head and face the class so they all get a good look at

Standing bare with your chest bare with your hands on your head before
your class is very embarrassing to you. I look around the class and
see some of the boys salivating and others with an obvious erection in
their pants.

I let them all get a good look at your breasts and then order you to
remove your skirt. Totally submissive at this point you do as you are

You look so beautiful in you white cotton panties and bare chest with
your hands on your head I wish I had a camera.

Panties I say, you don't even plea just a look I smile and you pull
your panties down.

Totally naked now for the world to see I give them all a good look.

I know have you positioned over my knee as I raise the hair brush 40
we said Laura right - yes sir you say - don't forget to count and
thank me and ask for the next you don't want to add to your total, yes
Lou you reply.

I raise the hair brush and begin to swat your nicely presented bare
bottom whack, whack, whack, whack sequence of four from sit spot to
check to other side and then the pause for rubbing a little fondling I
lean over and tell you after you are fully punished and they all leave
if you are good I will make it all worth while honey.

You look over at me and smile thanks Lou you say I am so embarrassed,
I know honey but you brought this upon yourself.

I continue to spank your bottom with the hairbrush as the others all
count along with you 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 ......


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