Friday, May 26, 2006

Little Laura Gets the Strap

Little Laura your butt is so red are you sure you can take the strap, perhaps we should hold off your strapping for tomorrow.

No you say I can take it give me a few minutes Lou – I love your rubbing and fondling.

Teasing I say Laura I can tell you love it by your arousal you are so wet.

MMMMMMM yes Lou, you say I love the way you touch me.

Ok Laura I am going to place you on your back with your legs up over your head for your strapping.

I want your legs nicely spread apart for me so I can see all of your charms you know how I adore your charms.

Smiling and a bit embarrassed you say you do, but you also like my reaction.

I love this position for you Laura because not only can I see all of your beauty displayed before me in such a venerable position but I can see your face and your expression as I strap you and fondle you.

Lou, you ask can you take down your pants so I can fondle you as you fondle and strap me.

Of course sweetie, I reply as I take my pants and undies down exposing my semi erect cock and balls for you to fondle as I discipline you.

I line up the strap over the center part of your bottom, hold those ankles tight Laura, I say I don’t want to strike your cute little cookie with the strap.

Ready hon., I ask – yes Lou whack oh whack yes whack oh yes whack, whack, whack.

I pause to fondle you from the top of your bottom crack between your legs all the way up your vaginal opening. You are moaning and groaning I know you are very close to Cumming.

You are so wet I strap as I fondle you moan louder jerk moving from side to side I pick up the intensity and then you tighten up let out a big loud moan and relax as you have a most wonderful climax.


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