Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Little Laura - Part 2

I continue to thrash your upturned bottom with the crop while you are secured helplessly. Getting you nicely aroused with the strokes of the crop and the fondling in between I strop to change your position.

I untie you from over the easy chair allow you to rub your bottom a bit as I smile watching you, you look up and see my smile you give me a little girl frown so cute I must embrace you and kiss your forehead.

I lay you down on your back on the couch I raise your legs over your head and tie them together then I wrap the rope around your back so that you’re your legs are over your head and nicely spread apart.

I can see your face as I admire your exposed beauty. I rub your charms watching your reaction, you obviously are very aroused, feel good baby girl – you let out a moan and say yes.

I pick up the crop I tickle your anus and rear entry hole as well as that cute vaginal opening of yours. You are such a tease you say, I smile ready for the crop hon, I ask – yes please you say.

I flick the crop across each globe 3 on each before pausing to fondle more baby girl mmmmmmmmmm is your respond whack, whack, whack – oh yes – yes – yes whack, whack, whack.

Not taking too long between to strokes and the fondling and Laura sweet Laura releases her love juice once again for me.


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