Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Little Laura - part 3

The crop doing the job I untie you once again Laura and sit down in the middle of the couch with you over my lap we chat as I rub your hind quarters.

I ask how you are doing and how you feel, you say a bit sore but I feel wonderful. Good I say let me know when you are ready for the paddle.

Just keep rubbing you say I do but mix in a bit of the fondling still feeling a nice dampness between your legs.

You tell me you are ready for you paddling. Do you want to be restrained honey, I ask.

You tell me that after receiving the crop you don’t think you can maintain your position without restraints.

I smile ok honey I take the arm chair from the dinning room place it in the center of the room tie your wrists to the arms and your legs to the legs of the chair nicely parted not obscenely just enough so your cute womanhood is peeking out.

I pick up the paddle made of hard wood covered with a nice thick layer of soft leather. It is about 18” long and 3” wide and has a handle. I run the paddle over your out thruster bare bottom.

I am going to give you 24 good sound whacks Laura, I want you to count them and thank me for them asking for the next.

Are you ready, yes you say In a hoarse voice whack – oh one thank you sir – may I have another – good girl whack – ah two thank you sir ah may I have another – of course whack – eh

And so your paddling is administered in a very systematic manor from left sit spot to left cheek from left cheek to right sit spot then to your right cheek and then back to the left sit spot and we make the rounds once again.

I pause after each round to rub your nice warm red bottom leaning over putting my lips by your ear doing ok baby girl – you always respond so seductively yes Lou I am ok – Ok Laura get ready for the next and you always tighten your bottom cheeks when I say that. I love to tap you with my hand when you do to have you loosen up.


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