Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mark and Mrs. Brown

Things got so bad at home for 17 year Mark that he decided to run away.

Mark headed south figuring the warmer weather would be best and also offering the greatest opportunity for a job with little or no questions asked.

He came upon a ranch setting with a sign outside help wanted, he knocked on the door.

This was the Brown’s house a middle aged woman raising 3 girls alone.

Mrs. Brown was what one might refer to as a pleasantly plump lady, you know the type large breasts and lots of curves with a big full backside.

The girls 13 year old Janie, 15 year old Barbi and 16 year old Laura were all very cute and well behaved.

Mrs. Brown just wanted to know if Mark would be willing to put in a hard days work and abide by the rules of the household, if he agreed he could get room and board and some pocket money.

The ranch was great the girls were fun and Mrs. Brown was attractive to Mark and he was treated well.

Mark stayed in the helps bungalow about 100 feet from the main house, at night Mark would sit out in front of the bungalow and see Laura by her window.

At first Laura would stand there brushing her hair and Mark figured she didn’t know he was out there able to see her clear as day with her bedroom light on.

This went on for a few nights, it became obvious to Mark that Laura knew he was watching and was putting on a show for him. She would at first begin to undress then shut the light off, then she would take her top off with her back facing the window and then turn off the light.

Well apparently Mrs. Brown got wind of the antics Laura was pulling and decided to give Mark a real show.

She opened the door to Laura’s bedroom just as she was showing Mark her breasts, Laura was frozen Mrs. Brown was angry and told Laura to fetch the strap.

Laura knew better than to argue with her mom, she fetched the strap and handed it to her mom.

What were you thinking teasing the help, you want to give him a show ok he will get one now lower your jeans bend over the chair, she positioned it so that Laura’s butt was positioned out the window so Mark could see her getting it.

24 Mrs. Brown advised Laura, yes mom she said whack one Laura counted, whack two mam, whack three and so on until Laura took all 24 strokes.

The following day Laura took a stroll passed the barn where Mark was working, she began to flirt, Mark stopped and looked up and teased aren’t you afraid that your mom might whop you again.

Laura smiled did you enjoy the show she asked, Mark smiled yes I did very much, he said.

I’d love to see your butt, Laura said maybe getting it just like I did, Mark paused again, well I guess if I did something wrong your mom might give me a whopping just like she did you.

Oh yes she would she would love to whop you and I would love to watch.

Ok then I have a plan tonight I will leave the window to the bungalow uncovered I will begin to get undressed when you see me you call your mom and lets see what happens from there.

Night time came the plan went into action Mark uncovered his window began getting undressed, once Laura saw she called her mom, Mrs. Brown observed for a minute or two then told Laura to get the strap for her.

The two of them marched down to the bungalow, knocked on Marks door.

As he opened it he saw the strap in Mrs. Brown’s hand, you saw Laura get a whopping the other night for giving you a show, well what is good for the goose is good for the gander young man.

Mark was both nervous and excited, Laura had a big grin on her face. Yes Mam, mark said sorry, oh you will be, Mrs. Brown said.

Mark bent over grabbed the foot board of the bed, oh no young man you wanted to give Laura a show that is exactly what you are going to do giving both of us a show, pants down, on the bare, only way to give a proper whopping.

Mark pulled his pants down to his ankles followed by his under pants resumed the position and took a good sound licking from Mrs. Brown.

Seems that Mrs. Brown liked what she saw in Mark’s bare butt so did Laura and Mark enjoyed being exposed in front of the ladies so it became a weekly event for Mark to get whopped by Mrs. Brown with Laura watching on, sometimes it would be Laura getting the strapping and sometimes both, they all enjoyed their spanking and exposing relationship very much.


At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that one, too. Lucky boy to get the strap on the bare with a girl watching - also sharing with her.

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous domdomdom said...

aren't there any more of this. I love it when two get it together.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger naughtybob46 said...

GREAT BLOG. I am partial to F/M spankings. I have just read your whole blog and am excited to see more. Thanks Lou

At 11:22 AM, Blogger loub said...

Great story where did this come from?

At 12:38 PM, Blogger loub said...

This story originally came from a movie I saw on TV an older movie where Mrs. Brown was a famous doctors wife, glad you enjoyed.


At 12:39 PM, Blogger loub said...

Yes I am lucky to get the strap ofen especially with other women looking on and I get it often that way sometimes twice a week, just got it that way this past saturday.



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