Monday, May 15, 2006

Me, Jane, her mom and grandma - part 1

At age 24 I began to date 19 year old Jane who lived with her mother and grand mother.

Her mom and grand mom were very plain and old fashion, so was Jane while in their presence, but when away from them was a very wild young lady.

Jane was very attractive and mature for her age.

I had a share at a ski lodge upstate and invited Jane, she very much wanted to go but knew her Mom and Grand Mom would not let her go, she did not tell me this.

She lied to them about going to see a girl friend, I was not aware of that.

The week end was great and Jane behaved like a perfect young lady, I got to make out with her but she wouldn’t even let me cop a grab, of course I respected her feelings.

Apparently the friend who Jane told her mom she was staying with called to ask for Jane and her mom and grand mom discovered that Jane was not with her girl friend but most likely with me since I drove Jane and I was gone for the week end.

I might mention that my parents owned a 2 family house and rented the other apartment to Jane’s family.

In any event as soon as we got back her mom and grand mom immediately approached Jane, she was very nervous and asked them to please discuss this when I was not around.

Her mom and grand mom felt that since I was involved I should be aware of the consequences involved.

I had no idea that at age 19 she was to be spanked on her bare bottom, I couldn’t believe that she would submit to that type of punishment.

Hearing this I thought fast and tried to protect Jane saying that I was totally at fault and that Jane acted like a proper lady the whole time, I kind of looked after her.

Both her mom and grand mom looked at me but were still intent on teaching Jane a lesson, she was resolved to accepting a spanking and told me so saying she would be alright.

I really liked Jane and felt responsible besides I was secretly into spanking, of course Jane didn’t know that and of course neither did her mom or grand mom.

I told her mom that I was at least as guilty as Jane and that if Jane was to get spanked then so should I.

Jane’s mom and grand mom smiled at my offer and said we can’t do that we are not your parents, I said that is alright I am of age I am giving you permission.

Please, I said if you feel it necessary to spank Jane, please spank me too.

Jane smiled hugged me and said Lou you don’t know what you are asking.

It’s ok Jane I am more than willing to take the same punishment that you would receive.

Still smiling Jane said ok its your funeral.

Jane’s mom said I think what Jane is trying to tell you is that all spankings we administer are done on the bare bottom, the loss of modesty during punishment serves as a reminder of the culprit’s wrong doing.

Secretly I was hoping that the spanking would be administered on the bare and I felt that since I was to get it that way it greatly improved my chances of seeing Jane get it, I was right.

Jane was told to go fetch the strap, it was hanging in the closet, it was a big long, thick old worn black belt.

Jane handed it to her mom. Her mom looked at Jane and said panties. Jane fair in complexion turned seven shades of red as she reached under her skirt and took down her panties and stepped out of them.

She positioned herself over the arm of the couch and her mom took up her position, she reached for the hem of her skirt and slowly raised it and looked at me as she did so, Jane just had her head buried in her hands.

As her bottom came into view I almost came in my pants her bottom was a perfect shape nice and round and full freckled and very fair.

Jane’s mom didn’t waste much time 25 she said, yes mam, Jane replied meekly, count whack one, whack two, whack three and so on.

From the first strokes you could see the red on Jane’s hind quarters spreading across her cute butt. By the time her mom had reached 15 strokes Jane was grunting. Her mom handed the strap to the grand ma who finished Jane off, by the time she finished Jane was sobbing softly.

Jane was then made to stand facing the wall holding up her skirt so her red bottom was on display, I was next.



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