Monday, May 15, 2006

Me, Jane, her mom and grandma - part 2

Jane's mom told me it is my turn, I stepped forward, Jane turned her head looking toward me with tears still coming down her cheeck but with a smile of support.

Jane's mom told me to lower my pants, I looked over at Jane, she smiled, I began to unbuckle my belt and lowered my zipper and then let my pants fall to my ankles.

Now your under pants, the grandma exclaimed gleefully. Although embarassed the thought of being totally exposed to the eyes of these three women excited me, so as I pulled down my under pants my semi erect penis was obvious. In an attempt to cover myself I was quickly told to keep my hands at my side.

So there I was standing before Jane's mom with my pants and underpants down to my ankles, hands at my side her grandma behind me enjoying a full view of my bared backside as Jane's mom reprimanded me for taking Jane to the ski lodge. I noticed Jane constantly looking over her shoulder and each time I would catch her glance I noticed she was staring directly at my penis which further stimulated me. I would smile back at her and she would blush.

After a stern reprimand from Jane's mom I was ordered to assume the same position Jane had abandoned over the arm of the couch. Since this was my first time the grandma came over put a hand on the small of my back to keep me down as Jane's mom took up position to administer the same 25 hard whacks with that wicked looking strap.

Ready, she asked, yes I replied and it began, whack, whack, whack - hard and fast boy did it sting, but it excited me just as I thought, my semi erect member was now in full mast.

Whack, whack, whack the strappined continued, with a slight pause Jane's mom commented on the state of my bottom rubbing it a bit as Jane peeked over her shoulder again smiling.

Whack, whack, whack the strapping became more intense and I began to grunt with each added stroke.

Feeling it now are you, Jane's mom taunted, yes mam was my only reply.

Whack, whack, whack harder it seemed and my grunts turned to yelps.

My, my Jane's mom retorted surely you can take a strapping from a woman at least as well as Jane, again Jane looked over at me smiling, I looked up biting my lower lip.

I told her I will try whack, whack, whack it continued. Finally the strapping was over, with all modesty lost I was allowed up and I rubbed my well disciplined bottom in a similar manor that Jane had done just a few minutes earlier.

Jane's mom again took the opportunity to taunt me saying no modesty now I see, I blushed and her grandma laughed as Jane smiled from her position.

You may both get dressed now Jane' s mom said and as I was told to leave she told me that any time I felt a need for discipline, she would be happy to administer it.


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