Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Meeting Pam - part 1

I was in my mid 50’s when I got divorced, I was surprised at how many single women my age were out there.

I went to get my hair cut and discovered that a new lady had taken the place of my hair stylist, her name was Pam.

Pam is in her late 40’s, what you would refer to as pleasantly plump great breasts and backside just my cup of tea.

Music was playing it was from her ex husband, he was trying to win her back, she would have no part of him.

Apparently recently divorced she still had some open wounds and used verbalization to cover them.

She began to tell me that the song was by her ex husband that they had a great sex life together until he began to drink.

I demonstrated compassion and a friendly ear so she went on telling me that she was forced to get a restraining order against him because he became violent.

She continued that when married it began with playful spankings which she enjoyed, she commented that she would have liked to spank him but he never would let her.

I could hold back no more after hearing this and felt free to speak openly since she had just done the same.

I told her I too enjoyed spanking as a form of adult play to both give and receive.

At first she thought I was just playing with her but I went on in greater depth telling her of some history.

She was smiling and kept saying really wow, etc.

I said you know we should get together sometime, she agreed.

As I was about to leave she asked if I were free later in the afternoon, she explained that her two grown kids work but live with her so they don’t get home until about 5:30 and she gets off around 2 pm and that she lived close by.

I told her I would love to come by. She smiled and gave me her address, I knew exactly where it was not far from my office at all.

So at around 2 pm I went a calling on my newly found friend Pam.

I knocked on her door, she let me in with a smile still dressed in the same clothes she had on at work.

She said let me change into something more comfortable and then we can have some fun, I said ok.

She returned shortly clad in a house dress no stockings not even shoes bare footed and I could tell that she took her bra off also.

Although very forward up to that point she now seemed a bit nervous so I thought it best to offer her to spank me first. She seemed relieved by my offer.

I asked her if she wanted me to lower my pants or if she wanted to do it for me. She came up to me and began to unbuckle my pants.

With my pants down to my ankles I had already begun to rise for the occasion she noticed and ran her hand over the bulge.


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