Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Mob Boss

I saw Jane at the local coffee shop every morning when I got my roll and coffee. A glance turned to a smile and a smile to a hello and soon we looked forward to our 15 minutes together each morning.

What I was not aware of was that Jane was the girl friend of a local mob boss.

Jane and I became an item and one thing led to another and before you knew it we were sleeping with each other perhaps once a week usually at her place.

She had a really plush apartment with a fancy New York City address.

By this time I had known that she was the unwilling girl friend of the local mob boss who no longer cared for him but feared trying to leave him.

As luck would have it one day as we were in her bed making love the lights were turned on and there sitting before us was her boy friend with two of his body guards.

We were both very nervous she trying to first explain and then apologize. At this point she was pretty much trying to protect herself even at the expense of my life, she feared for her own.

Her boy friend spoke calmly coolly asking her about the obvious. She kept answering truthfully not wanting to put salt on the wounds. He asked if she were naked under the covers she said yes. Were you making love with this man yes. Have you done wrong for your actions – yes. Do you deserve to be punished for your actions – yes. Shall I beat you here in front of your lover – yes.

Her boy friend leaned over to one of his body guards and whispered something in his ear. The body guard smirked at us and then left the apartment. He returned shortly and in his hand was a big thick old razor strop with a handle on it. The body guard handed the razor strop to his boss.

The mob boss was running his hand over the razor strop showing it to his girl friend who had a pretty good idea what he intended to do with it. He said I am going to discipline you here and now in front of all of us you have embarrassed me by sleeping with this man you should be embarrassed as well, don’t you agree – yes she responded tearfully.

Very well then uncover yourself and make no attempt to cover your nudity and come to the end of the bed. Shaking in fear but knowing she must obey she got out of the bed and walked to the foot of the bed as instructed.

She was told to turn around and grab the lower railing at the foot of the bed. By so doing her bottom was exposed as a perfect target. Her boy friend was not fully satisfied with this position he wanted her legs spread apart and so instructed her.

Now with her legs parted, all of her womanly charms on full display for all to see, the mob boss told his two body guards to take up position on either side of her to hold her down during her whopping.

The mob boss moved up close to her, taunting her, running the leather over her bare bottom, telling her that each stroke is going to feel like fire on her butt that she will scream and holler but to no avail that he will tan her hide until he is satisfied.

True to his word the mob boss began to tan her hide good and proper each stroke was applied full force and from her reaction you can tell it was very painful.

Jane was crying like a baby after only a dozen strokes but the mob boss continued to apply that strap, her bottom was crimson by the time he had finished with her.

Just as the Mob boss was finishing disciplining his girl friend several attractive but rough looking ladies came in. They saw Jane’s bottom and smiled and made remarks. The mob boss said he will be yours to play with for fun, they looked at me with cruel smiles.

Once finished with Jane the mob boss let his men have their way with her, she was forced to get on all fours as first one took her from behind while the other had himself orally satisfied by her, then they switched places.


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