Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Office - part 1

The Office – part 1

The office is comprised of Lou the manager, a man in his early 60’s fair but firm.

Sue the office supervisor who is tall and a bit chunky, small of breasts and willing to change anything.

Pam is a pleasantly plump sexy lady with milky soft full breasts and a lovely full backside.

Tina is very short and chunky; average breasts the type who thinks she has all of the answers.

Robbie is average all the way around very shy.

Gina is the type that thinks she is above everyone else, she is about 5’6” tall small breasts.

Debbie is thin with small breasts.

I noticed a slow down in production in the office; I decided to call Sue in to determine if she could shed any light on the subject. I noticed that while I was discussing this matter that she appeared to be very nervous.

Lately I had been meeting with new clients taking me out of the office.

Since Sue is the supervisor I expect her to be in charge when I am not around. I decide to call a meeting.

At the meeting I advise the entire staff that I have not been happy with their production of late and that if the problem continues heads will roll. After the meeting I ask Sue to remain behind and I advise her that I am holding her responsible to see to it that the work is done appropriately and that if not she too can be replaced.

I decide to install a cam in the main office space to be able to tape what transpires while I am not in the office.

After about a week or so after normal working hours I review the tape. To my surprise I find that instead of working the ladies are all goofing off coffee clusters, playing cards, reading newspaper or magazines, etc.

When Sue attempted to exert some authority over the other ladies Tina, challenged her and Sue backed off. Gina too would not take any instructions from Sue. The others followed the lead of Tina and Gina and they too continued to goof off. I called Sue into the office and confronted her with the tape, which demonstrated her lack of control over the staff.

After showing the tape to Sue she becomes very apologetic and I could even see tears in her eyes. I advise Sue that I don’t think she is supervisory material that she can not control the other ladies. I tell her that she can accept a demotion or leave. Sue pleads for one more chance that she knows she had not cracked the whip with the others, but will do so from here on in.

I pick up on the phase Sue used about cracking the whip and tell her that I might give her another chance if she herself will submit to cracking the whip. She was not certain what I was saying so she asked for clarification.

I told Sue that I think she is a good worker that she could learn to be a good Supervisor, but that she must first learn discipline herself in order to administer discipline to others. Sue agreed.

I told her that as a boy it was my aunt who first introduced me to corporal punishment which was both painful and embarrassing. I told Sue that it worked wonders for me and to this day when stressed out or having feelings of guilt I have my aunts methods employed.

I suggested to Sue that I use my aunt’s methods on her. She was shocked by my suggestion. I told her that she had only two other choices then, to accept a demotion or to leave.

I told Sue that she should think about the options open to her, if she reported to my office after 5 pm for punishment then I would give her another chance, if not I would assume that she would either be accepting a demotion or I would expect a letter of resignation.


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