Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Office - part 2

Part 2

It was a bit after 5 PM when I heard a knock on my office door. I instructed Sue to enter.

She was very timid very down trodden in her demeanor, I asked if she has come to a decision, assuming that if she had shown up that she had.

Sue was forcing herself to speak in a submissive tone, yes Lou she said I know that as the supervisor I am the one responsible when you are away, I know I am capable of handling the job. I am here to accept whatever punishment you feel is justified and I assure you that from this point forward I will make a concerted effort to improve my enforcement of my supervisory position.

Very well Sue, I say I want you to know exactly what you are agreeing to before we begin and what is expected of you.

First so as to leave a lasting impression I will require you to disrobe entirely and stand before me, the embarrassment of exposure before your boss will most definitely leave a lasting impression. Each time that you pass me in the office or look at me you will remember that you have been totally exposed before me and the reasons why you were exposed. This is a method my aunt used with me as a young boy and I remember it to this day.

Your first level of chastisement will begin by your placing yourself over my lap for a warm up hand spanking. I will spank your bared bottom presented before me from your upper thighs to just below your kidney area until your entire buttocks are well prepared for the forthcoming strapping.

For the strapping you will bend over my desk with your bottom well presented, legs parted about 18” you will be flat on the desk with your face touching the desk in this position you will receive 50 hard strokes of my razor strop I will not pause at all unless you move out of position or try to cover up. In the event you do move out of position or cover up you will receive 5 extra strokes for each infraction.

Do I make myself clear Sue, yes Lou. Do you understand what you are in for, yes Lou.

Do you understand that if you move out of position or try to cover up that you will receive added strokes, yes Lou.

Ok Sue you may disrobe now.

Blushing profusely Sue begins to undress; I sit back in my chair and enjoy her embarrassment and her feminine charms.

Now standing before me totally nude hands at her side head looking down I notice that although a bit chunky in stature her breasts are rather small. I instruct her to look at me I expect those to be chastised to look at me prior to getting spanked. Curious about the appearance of Sues bare bottom I have her turn around admiring the roundness and to further embarrass Sue I have her bend over and part her legs.

I take up a straight backed chair and seat myself patting my lap for Sue to approach me and place herself over my lap.

With great reluctance Sue moves up to me and awkwardly places herself across my lap obviously very embarrassed not only at being totally nude before me but to be placed like a naughty little girl across my lap for chastisement.

I place my hand upon Sue’s bottom, rub softly and advise that we are about to begin.

I raise my hand high and begin to spank her upturned bare bottom from her sit spot up and then across.

I spank about ½ dozen times in the same spot before moving to the next spot. Sue is ohwing and ahing as I administer the smacks I remind her to hold her position and not cover up or the consequences will be added smacks.

Forcing herself and occasionally tightening her bottom muscles Sue remains in position as I work over her bottom until it is good and red and warm.

When I have reached a point where I feel Sues bottom is well prepared for the strap I stop rub a bit and instruct her to rise.

As Sue rises I can see tears already apparent in her eyes, I smile up at her and tell her that was only the preparation Sue, do you think you will remember this punishment session and perform your duties properly. Yes Lou I will I am sure, she replies.

Smiling I instruct Sue to bend over my desk. I take great pains in having her move back a bit getting lower on the desk and parting her legs so that her bared bottom is well presented to me and her charms between her legs are on full display.

Once position the way I want her I comment to Sue about how nice she looks in that position and how much of her womanly charms are on full display. I do so to both further embarrass her and to tease.

I pick up the razor strop; it is about 36” long, about 4 inches wide and ¼ inch thick, it is old, worn, yet smooth. I rub the soft leather through my hands almost lovingly as I snap the leather together so as to give Sue an idea of what will be kissing her bottom.

I approach Sue lay the strop across the center of her well presented butt ask if she is ready, a faint reply acknowledges.

I begin to lay the strop hard across her behind although properly prepared the darkened red stripes become readily apparent as I strop hard and fast.

By the third stroke Sue is yelping aloud, I pause momentarily to remind her to keep still and not cover up, she responds that she will try.

I continue the strapping her yelps get louder and she stomps a foot but forces herself to hold still.

I smile as I lay it on harder and faster 10, 11, 12 oh, ah eh are the cries to be heard from Sue as she now begins to cry openly.

Again with a slight pause I tell Sue that she is doing very well 25 more to go, oh no she pleads but is ready to take the rest of her punishment. I continue to deliver her just due punishment 47, 48, 49 and finally 50.

Upon finishing the assigned allotment she lets out a deep breath and moan I smile as I rub her crimson bottom she ohhhhhhs as I do so, I smile.

You may get up now I instruct her face drenched in tears, I ask if she has learned her lesson, yes Lou she says very good, you may rub your bottom, her hands rush to her bottom showing no shame whatsoever now that she is totally nude before me.

As she dresses I advise her that I want a report on each of the other employees in the office and they will be given the same option she got if their work falters and that not only would I expect her to be present to observe their chastisement if they should choose that option, but that I might want her to administer some of the punishment.

Sue thanks me for giving her a second chance and leaves to freshen up in the bathroom.


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