Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pam Gets it from Jack

After Pam’s licking from her mom she was sent to bed. The following morning her mom woke her up early. Pam get dressed we are going to see Jack.

Jack, Pam questioned her mom, yes Jack your old boss, we are going to try and get your job back.

So the two appeared before Jack Mrs. Jones tried to appeal to Jack to give Pam another chance, he was adamant saying he could not trust her and she let Bill take the blame for her she embarrassed both of us.

Mrs. Jones thought for a moment well Jack I blistered her backside real good last night with my husbands old razor strop. Jack looked at Pam she was so embarrassed that her mom told him about her licking.

You did right Mrs. Jones, Jack said that is exactly what she needs, tell you what if she agrees to take a licking from me in front of Bill I will give her another chance but she must also pay back all of the money she stole from me.

Oh yes Jack she will agree, no I won’t Pam said running out of the restaurant.

I will see to it Jack Mrs. Jones assured him.

Mrs. Jones went outside grabbed Pam by the wrist you will march back into the restaurant and beg Jack to whop you if you have to. Oh ma please that would be so embarrassing to have my boss whop me and in front of Bill as it is he always looks at me.

Well that is just too bad you should have thought about that before you stole – you need that job and we need that money the embarrassment will do you some good it will make you remember this for a long time.

Pam knew she had no choice could she conjure up the courage to face Jack and ask him to discipline her how embarssing.

She returned with her mother to Jack – you have something to say to me Jack taunted her.

Ah yes sir I know I was so wrong I ah was really given a very severe beating from my mom, I know I deserved it ah and I guess I mean I know I deserve to get another beating from you and ah Bill I am so sorry he got in trouble he should be able to see me get it.

Very well Jack said with a sneer he called to Bill, when he told Bill what was going on Bill smiled too.

Jack took off his 48 inch garrison belt doubled it over bend over the table Pam.

She was wearing a skirt again, he lifted it up – oh my G-D Pam let out as she felt the cool air over her panty covered bottom.

Wasting no time Jack pulled her panties down Pam was red faced bent over like that in front of her boss and fellow worker. Part your legs she looked up at Jack – mom she cried out – her mom only told her to do as she was told.

I can’t believe you are letting him expose me this way next time you will know better now do as you are told Pam’s mom told her.

So Pam parted her legs exposing all of her feminine charms to her boss and fellow worker her face was bright red from embarrassment as Jack took aim and began to whop her good.

If Mrs. Jones brought the point across with that razor stropping Pam was learning real fast what a real licking was like from a big strong man. He whacked her over and over again she yelled out trying to get up but he mom and Bill held her down until Jack felt she got what she deserved.

When finished Jack further embarrassed her by having her face both himself and Bill while she held her skirt up and apologized.


At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Bratscorcher said...

A very nice story, but Jack should also punish Pam's Mother, Mrs. Jones. After all, it is partly her fault -- raising a daughter that would steal! And immediately after her punishment, the Mom should kneel before Jack and thank him with a high-quality blowjob. (Very humiliating since Bill and her daughter are watching!)

At 8:01 AM, Blogger loub said...

Jack may very well have had his eye on Mrs. Jone feeling that if she used the razor strop on Pam and allowed him to do likewise that she would submit to a razor stropping also.

He took note of her big full round bottom and almost salivated thinking of what it might be like to have Mrs. Jones in the same position he had recently had Pam.

At 8:02 AM, Blogger loub said...



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