Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Queen and I

It was medieval times when the new young Queen Victoria took control of the kingdom.

Unlike her wise father before her this Queen was very sexually oriented and cruel in her dealings with her subjects.

I was a slave working in her court when the Queen caught my eye, she had me brought before her.

She was looking me over like just another one of her positions when she told me to drop my covering. Shocked by her request I initially froze and did not respond rapidly enough for her liking so she promised me a thrashing.

I immediately then dropped my covering and was made to stand totally naked before her as she admired me and made crude remarks about my appearance.

After several minutes of standing there totally nude before the Queen and her hand maidens, she allowed me to cover up.

I bowed and began to take my leave when she told me to bring forward the discipline bench; I bowed again and moved it before her.

She called upon a hand maiden to bring forth the whip, which was presented to her immediately.

She tested the whip which was a moderate whip as whips go it was about 3 feet long thick with a handle.

She told me to present myself over the discipline bench, I did as she instructed me.

She had two of her maidens bare my bottom and stand on either side of me. She wanted my legs parted so that my feet were on the outside of the discipline bench. In this position my cock and balls were hanging down in a very obscene and exposed fashion.

The Queen approached me rubbed my bottom and then reached between my legs stroking my cock and balls, I became aroused. Noticing this the Queen had me stand up to show her hand maidens – see, the Queen said just a little touch of my hand brings forth a very favorable response you may touch him, the Queen said, the maiden reached for my manhood and stroked me. Don’t you dare shoot your load slave, the Queen said, that was a tall order.

It was all I could do not to shoot my load; it was as if I desired the whipping from the Queen. Finally I was told to bend over again and assume that position with my legs parted in anticipation of the whip at the Queens hand.

She raised it up and swung one she counted a red line appeared on my bottom, whack two she counted and three she exclaimed gleefully.

I received 24 good hard strokes from the Queen that day for nothing more than her amusement, that was the first of many sessions I would have with the Queen getting more advanced with each forthcoming session.


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