Sunday, May 07, 2006


After that first humiliating thrashing the Queen received totally nude in front of all of her subjects, she became a changed woman.

A changed woman in more ways than one, she seemed to enjoy the humiliation of exposure and the sting of the whip as it struck her flesh.

In an attempt to both continue her good will with her people and secretly to receive the enjoyment of exposure before a man and the sting of the strap, the Queen commission a private Master.

The Queen pronounced that for each wrong she committed she would be given a demerit and each Friday she would summon her Master to give her a thrashing equal in strokes to the number of her demerits.

So it was as Friday approached the Queen went to her chambers there assembled in the center was a spanking stool one where she would bend over and be secured at all legs allowing her bottom to be elevated in a most revealing but proper position to receive the strap.

The Master arrives hooded he is a stout though muscular man with a rounded chest with lots of hair. The Queen looks in his direction and gives him slight smile as he asks her if she is ready to receive her punishment.

The Queen responds to the positive and asks how many she is to receive this session. The Master respond 68 strokes my Queen.

Very well says the Queen as she instructs her hand maidens to assist her in preparation for chastisement.

As she is fully exposed to the eyes of her Master she turns her head and smiles proud of how she looks naked.

She positions herself over the spanking bench as the hand maidens secure her.

Once totally secured she tells the Master that he may begin. The Master positions himself to the left rear of her prostrated body lines up the strap and proceeds to thrash her good and proper.

The Queen grunts with each stroke and raises her head proud of her ability to take punishment. After about 15 strokes alone with her grunts you begin to hear groans.

By about 25 strokes those groans take on a definite air of arousal.

By this time the Queens bottom is a bright shade of red and as each stroke is administered the Queen cries out yes, oh yes.

The Master pauses to ask the Queen if she is ok and if he should continue, the Queen says yes I am fine strike me harder and faster, yes my lady, the Master responds.

From that point forward in her thrashing each stroke brings out a cry of satisfaction, the Queen begins to jerk and moan as if she had reached a climax.

After all strokes had been administered the hand maidens release the Queen, she thanks the Master, smiles as she rubs her bottom and looks at the results in a mirror.

The Queen looks over to the Master and says next week we shall try it without restraints. Yes my lady, the Master replies, the Queen smiles as she dismisses all in attendance.


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