Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Revenge is Sweet

Revenge is Sweet

Mark was your typical abuser of women. The ladies were attracted to him for his handsome looks and his macho image, but once he got that lady under his skin that is when he would slowly gradually begin to abuse her both physically and mentally.

Rose was the perfect woman for Mark she was attractive, sexy and submissive.

After a few dates he moved into Rose’s apartment. Although neat and clean in appearance and with her apartment Mark soon was trashing the place.

Marks lack of respect for Rose’s apartment should have alerted her to the inner workings of this guy, but she was hooked, he was a good lover, handsome, macho all that she had sought in a man.

It began with a few drinks and his desire to perform a sex act on Mary that she was not happy with so Mark slapped her hard across the face. Mary was shocked he told her to get on her hands and knees she did as she was told.

She was becoming afraid of him, he continued to drink and when he offered the bottle to Rose and she refused it he again got angry and struck her.

Rose pleaded with him not to hit her any more, but the more she pleaded the more angry he seemed to get.

He told her to stay on her hands and knees he searched around for some rope and had her get up and tied her over the table, with her hands and ankles secured to the table legs he informed her he was going to give her a beating she won’t soon forget.

Stuffing a pillow under her belly making her butt stick out he took off his garrison belt and proceeded to tan her hide. He whopped her over and over again until she was crying so hard that she became numb.

Rose’s bottom was so badly bruised from that beating that she had to get medical care. It was obvious to the doctor that she had been beaten.

Similar type episodes occurred on at least two additional occasions before Rose finally agreed to a restraining order against Mark.

Rose was encouraged to go to a support group and from the support group she and the other abused ladies decided to take defensive training and then decided upon revenge for their abusers.

It was about 6 months later when Rose and her support group were ready to take their revenge. One of the ladies solicited Mark and took him to her house. She began making out with him and as was his modes operands he began to become very aggressive.

Before Mark was able to strike this women she moved back and as he tried to get her the other ladies appeared surrounding him.

He was told that since he likes to beat up women that he was going to be given the chance he said he didn’t want to fight a woman.

But she began to hit him as he tried to retaliate he would miss and get hit again by her. One of the ladies informed him that after he losses to her he was going to get the same kind of a beating he had given to Rose that being said Rose appeared in the circle.

Still fighting with the lady in the ring Mark was getting the worst of it with a bloody lip and nose. When it reached the point where he was down and not to quick to get up the ladies grabbed his arms and dragged him over to the table.

Securing Marks hands to the table legs they began to pull down his pants, with his pants down to his ankles his shoes and socks were removed and his pants taken off. His under pants were pulled down and his legs were spread with his ankles secured to the far legs of the table.

A few pillows were stuffed under Mark and his garrison belt was taken off of his pants. It was handed to Rose to start with the honors.

Rose began to beat Marks backside with all her force stroke after stroke until she broke a sweat. Out of breath she handed the strap to one of the other ladies who contined to beat Marks now very red backside.

Finally Mark began to scream out with each added stoke, I want him to cry like I cried Rose said give me that strap, she said.

Rose continued to beat Mark over and over she struck him until he was crying like a baby.

They decided to leave him tied over the table that way, revenge is sweet.


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