Friday, May 12, 2006

The Spanking Club

After several months of living and spanking Kathy she was ready to join the New York Mountain Spanking Club, NYMSC.

I advise Kathy that to become a member she must pledge and the pledge requires her to present herself to a group of no less than 6 male members totally nude and secured over a spanking device.

That the pledging will consist of no less than 25 whacks with varied implements of the choice of the men involved, the men will have a cloth hood over their head but otherwise would be totally naked also.

Kathy indicated she was ready to take the pledge.

On the drive up to the mountain Kathy was rather quiet and appeared a bit nervous.

I would occasionally ask Kathy how she was doing and told her she still had time to change her mind.

Kathy indicated she wanted to go through with it but asked if she would be scared or if the skin would be broken. I assured her there would be no scaring and if the skin were broken the session would end.

I went on to tell her that she will probably reach a point where she will cry but that for the most part she should enjoy it. I also told Kathy that the men most likely would do lots of fondling and rubbing especially knowing that Kathy will get aroused and moist, she just smiled when I advised her of that.

We arrived at the mountain cabin the men were all hanging around having drinks already a bit high, they greeted us and looked Kathy over making her feel a bit uneasy.

I introduced you Kathy to the men, they were now standing around you ogling you, first one man then the other walks up to you and rubs your bottom from over your pants, you feel a bit uncomfortable and instinct is to push his hand away but you force yourself to let him rub your bottom through your pants.

One of the other men tells me to take Kathy into the other room and prepare her.

I take your hand and bring you to the other room I tell you to get undressed totally, they had a poncho type covering that tied on either side, this was put over you.

I take you out and they have uncovered the spanking bench that you are to be secured in. The device looks like a puma horse with an extension for your arms and legs.

To prepare you the device is upright you are brought up against it the poncho is removed, facing the device totally nude now your wrists are secured above your head. Your ankles are secured and the leg extensions are parted and locked in place the device is then bent forward so your body is now in a V formation with your legs spread apart, totally secured and helpless and on full exposure display.

The men all walk around you and some fondle you, you are helpless to resist, I stand by your side as I watch the proceedings with aroused interest.

The first man to discipline you takes up his position he has a nice thick soft strap, he lines it up and proceeds to let you have it. As he is whacking your cute well presented butt, the other men count out the licks.

This same procedure continues one man after the other until about 3 men have given you a licking of no less than 25 strokes each one man gave you 35 strokes. The man who gave you the 35 licks then lubricated your rear entry and stuck his cock in there for some self enjoyment.

The lickings continued your cries and pleas and yelping were to no avail, after you got your fourth licking, I have them pause and I check out your bottom.

As I approach you as your sponsor I ask you how you are doing, you tell me your ok, you ask me about your bottom, I smile as I rub saying as cute and gorgeous as ever, you smile and say I think I am going to be sore for a few days, I say I will make you feel good hon once they finish with you, you smile at me I know you will, you say.

So the final two strappings are delivered and they let you up, you must remain naked so they can look upon their handy work, in an act of arrogance and pride you raise your hands and turn around giving them all a very good look at all of your charms smiling through your tears.

I come up to you and kiss your tears away whispering into your ear how proud I am of you, you whisper back hope you have that lotion. I hug you and take your hand and escort you to the bedroom.


At 2:26 PM, Blogger Pam said...

Very good. I really like this one. Can you do a continued?

At 12:48 PM, Blogger loub said...

will try to at some time


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