Friday, May 26, 2006

Tai Pai Spanking

I must tell you about my R & R while in Vietnam to Tai Pai.

As you probably know Tai Wan the country previously known as Formosa is the break away China or Nationalist China from the big China or communist China.

I went there on R & R we have a navy base there so the Navy was in charge of us.

At the airport a Navy bus picked us up and brought us to a hanger we only had military clothing so we were able to buy clothing at the Navy hanger.

They also gave us a briefing about the woman they knew they could not stop us from getting some action so they wanted to be sure that we got the girls that were checked medically, they were called Contract Girls, in fact I have one of those contracts somewhere at home.

The contract girl spoke English and served as your guide amongst other services.

Each time you would say you like something she would pick up the phone in the hotel and 5 minutes later a specialist in that area would appear trying to sell you something.

For example they tried to sell you custom suits, etc. asked if I would like a massage a blind masseur appears had to pay extra.

So I asked about spanking, she assumed I wanted to spank a girl or see it so she told me about a state run exhibition outside the city limits that we could go visit by train it was a great place and show so I was eager to go.

We went on this older train but well maintained and clean beautiful countryside rode for about 45 minutes.

We arrived at what amounted to large grass huts with no sides set up on a stage with a table and chairs for the judge’s benches and standing room for observers and a wooden device to restrain the prisoner.

For minor offenses they offered the offenders the option of jail or judicial punishment. The judicial punishments were administered by either a large thick strap or a cane depending upon the age of the offender and the extent of the crime if it was a first offense or second and so on.

The jails in Tai Wan were really very bad places much worse than ours so most of the people given that opportunity choose the judicial punishment.

There must have been about 200 people observing the judicial punishment many Americans but also from other Orient countries.

The wooden restraint was shaped like a double H two long vertical bars and two horizontal bars. The lady to be disciplined was escorted before the 3 judges they bow they were dressed in prison dresses looked like a sack with a hole for the head.

The head judge says something to them my contract girl interrupted asking the girl if she freely accepts judicial punishment.

The girl acknowledges.

Two matrons take her by the arms escort her in front on the restraining device.

She is standing up at this point and her arms are attached to the top of the device making her hands be outstretched over her head. A large belt is secured around her kidney area and tightened.

The device is then bent forward on hinges putting the girls head all the way down perhaps only a foot from the ground. This causes her bottom to be elevated at this point her skirt is raised and clipped up above her waist by a matron. The other matron is securing her ankles one to each leg of the device.

In this position the girl is well secured and well displayed all of her charms on view for the enjoyment of the viewing public.

The concept is that they charged a lot to see this show, it was about $7 American which was about a weeks pay for the average person there at the time. It saved the government money to try and incarcerate these minor offenders and they got lots of money for charging admission.

A person, I assume it was a man approaches with a hood on holding either a judical strap or a cane he approaches the judges first a few words are exchanged and he bows and then takes up his position to the left of the offender and to her rear.

A man appears with a form in his hand and reads out loud the offense and the penalty.

He moves away the man with the hood on is nodded to by the head judge and the discipline begins.

The strokes of the strap were very hard from the first the girls scream out, they usually get from 18 to 24 strokes but there was one prostitute third offense who got 36 strokes.


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