Monday, May 15, 2006

Women Rule In 2345 - part 1

The year is 2345 the entire world as we knew it in the 21st and 22nd century is completely changed.

Woman now rule the world to such an extent that men have virtually become servants to woman.

A few months earlier the Woman’s Supremacy Council, the WSC, voted on permitting all sorts of sexual exploitation of men by women in private and public to be permitted. For capitalistic and amusement purposes public discipline of men became a major event.

I was bought off of an auction by my Mistress who treated me very well, yes of course I was disciplined by her on a regular basis but she always disciplined me fairly and with love.

I would like to tell you how my Mistress would discipline me.

For the most part I was on the honor system meaning that I would have to keep account of any of my wrong doings or misdeeds.

I would confront my Mistress about my naughtiness and she would advise me of the discipline level of the punishment and the time.

At the appointed time I would prepare myself for discipline at the hand of my Mistress.

For a level one punishment I would place a stool in the center of the den, lower my trousers and my underwear, reach over the stool, hold onto the lower rungs and await my Mistress’ entry to administer punishment.

She would always rub my bottom prior to my punishment advising me of how she values my service.

She then picks up the punishment strap, which is long and thick and heavy and really delivers quite a sting at my Mistress’ hand.

Generally for a level one offense I get 25 good hard strokes, I can tell you that after 15 strokes my bottom is well painted and swollen and I am generally yelping with each added stroke. I have learned however from previous experience not to let go of the rungs of the stool and to hold my position until my entire punishment is administered and my Mistress tells me it is ok to get up.

Once I am permitted to rise, I must turn and face my Mistress with my pants still lowered to my ankles, she enjoys seeing the state of my exposure, which is usually erect even though it was a stinging strapping, she smiles sometimes strokes me, then offers her hand which I kiss. She then opens her arms and offers me a hug.


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