Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rose Spanked by a Social Worker - part 2

It was about 2 weeks later that I entered my office and to my surprise Jane was waiting for me. She told me that things were getting bad again between her mother and herself and that she pleaded with me to come over and see her mom.

I went to their apartment and confronted Rose asking her what happened.

She told me that Jane was staying out late, hanging out with a bad crowd, smoking that she was at wits end.

I confronted Jane and she did not deny her mom’s accusations.

Returning to Rose I ask so instead of addressing this problem properly you threatened to kick Jane out, she is your daughter.

I know, Rose said, I am sorry, I don’t know what to do, I love Jane, but she is too much for me to handle.

I thought a moment and then told Rose I thought they were both wrong this time and that they should both be spanked, Rose thanked me for giving her another chance, Jane was no so happy about the idea of taking a spanking as well.

I told Jane that her mom was willing to take a embarrassing whopping for her wrong doing and you should accept the same otherwise you might just end up on the street.

Jane gave a sneer to her mom and said ok but I don’t have to like it.

How many sir, Rose asked, 40 Rose – ok should I get all undressed again, please I said.

Rose began to undress, Jane could not believe how compliant her mother was.

Once totally naked Rose faced me remembering to keep her hands at her side, she asked me to please give her the discipline she deserved, I said it will be my pleasure.

Rose took up the position over the back of the couch with her toes just barely touching the floor, her bottom nicely presented for the razor strop.

Rose said I will try to take the strokes without moving or covering up sir, very good Rose, I told her.

I positioned myself behind Rose, glanced up at Jane and began laying on the strokes moderately hard, but not as hard as that first licking I gave Rose, I felt more compassionate toward her this time and she was really trying.

Rose took her licking well, when finished she got up and thanked me again, I told her she could get dressed.

Now I looked in Jane’s direction telling her she knew the drill and to remove her clothing, she was obviously embarrassed but did as she was told.

Once totally naked I had to remind Jane to keep her hands at her side as I lectured her.

Jane had a beautiful firm body, not as full as her mom but a very lovely site to see.

When Jane took up the position over the back of the couch previously occupied by her mom, I told her to ask nicely for her punishment.

Almost in a whisper Jane said may I please have a licking.

The strapping was more severe than I had just given Rose, but Jane was adamant about not moving or covering up.

Jane did yelp after about 20 strokes and was crying by 30.

Rose felt badly for her daughter but also knew this was something she needed.

When Jane’s licking was finished she got up and Rose embraced her .

Both mom and daughter promised to try harder to get along with each other and they both thanked me for helping them for another chance and to find the way.

Before I left I told them both to call me anytime they feel I can help.

Both smiled and said we will Lou.


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