Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rose Spanked by a Social Worker

Jane was 16 she was found living on the street by a social worker. After questioning her it was determined that she was virtually thrown out of her house by her mother and that when she was living with her mom her mom would beat her on a regular basis. Jane said she loved her mom and knew that the whippings she gave her were out of frustration so she submitted and took them.

In returning to her mothers home it was discovered that the mother, Rose, got pregnant at the age of 15 and raised Jane for the most part on her own.

Rose felt that Jane was now old enough to fend for herself and that she was entitled to a life and could not have one if she had to worry about Jane.

I asked Rose about the spankings she continuously gave Jane, she did not deny it, she said that she deserved many and that it was a way of taking out her frustrations.

It was my feeling that to submit a report on the basis of what I discovered would not benefit either Jane or Rose.

I decided to offer Rose an unorthodox off the record option.

I told Rose that if I submitted a report she would go to jail and Jane would go into a group home.

Rose was nervous; I told her I could offer her an option albeit unorthodox.

She asked me what it was.

I told her if she agreed to submit to an embarrassing spanking by me in front of her daughter Jane and if she took Jane back into the house I would let her off with a warning.

Roses’ initial response was that is ridiculous I am a grown woman.

I said fine Rose then I shall just write the report and submit it and let the chips fall where they may.

Ok wait Rose said, what kind of spanking how would you do it and with what.

I turned to Jane and asked her how she was spanked, she said with a big old razor strop her mom had in the back of the guest closet, I told Jane to get it.

As for position Jane how did your mom use that razor strop on you, she told me she had to bend over the back of the couch, head on the cushions toes barely touching the floor.

Jane did your mom have you bare your bottom, Jane blushed saying she made me get totally naked.

Totally naked including your top, yes Jane said.

I turned to Rose and asked her why she had Jane get totally naked for her whipping.

She explained that as a girl her father made her do it and felt that when disciplined you should be exposed and embarrassed.

I smiled and said ok Rose you answered your own question then as to how the spanking would be administered.

OMG Rose said you can’t mean, I stopped her, exactly Rose – yes or no ….

I looked at Jane she was all smiles obviously looking forward to her mom’s difficult situation.

Rose was thinking, I looked at my watch and said Rose I don’t have all day.

Ok, ok, she said: I can’t believe I am agreeing to this, go ahead get your jollies, she said.

Fine Rose please remove all of your clothing, Jane folded her arms and watched as her mom began to undress.

Down to her bra and panties, Rose felt she would make a last appeal to keep them on, I smiled, shook my head and told her to take them off.

With a look of scorn on her face she unhooked her bra and immediately covered her bared breasts. On your side I said, she put her hands down happy she said are you getting your rocks off.

Now your panties Rose, she huffed, inserted her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and quickly pulled them down.

Happy now, she asked, yes very nice Rose hands at your side.

She obviously was embarrassed but did as she was told.

To further embarrass her I told her to turn around and show me her bottom.

She again did as she was told, she had a nice full round bottom very meaty and fair of color which was going to change very shortly.

I had her face me again admiring her abundant breasts and nicely trimmed bush as I lectured her telling what I expected of her during her strapping. That if she moved out of position or tried to cover up 5 strokes would be added.

I pronounced her punishment to be 60 hard strokes across her unprotected bare bottom with the razor strop. She stomped her foot at the pronouncement as I asked her if she wanted to add an additional 10 she said no.

I instructed her to lay over the back of the couch with her head on the cushion so that her butt stuck right up to give me the perfect angle to lay on the razor strop.

Rose did as she was told, I approached her, ran my hand over her well presented bare bottom, then stepped back, laid the strap across the center of her bottom cheeks and asked if she was ready.

With a grunt of acknowledgement I began to lay it on. Beginning from the center most of one cheek to the other alternating then down to the sit spot and still lower to her upper thighs. I had her yelping after about 20 strokes. It was with about 5 or 6 more when she first tried to cover up, that’s 5 more, oh no was her reply please.

Remove your hand Rose, she did so slowly and the strapping continued another 12 strokes and she covered up again, 5 more nooooooooooo she pleaded, keep your hands away.

Her strapping went on hard and fast, with all of her lack of ability to restrain herself from moving and covering up, Rose ended up getting 85 strokes instead of the original sentence of 60-.

By the time I finished punishing her she was crying like a baby and her butt was as red as a beat.

When allowed to get up Rose was truly apologetic now knowing what the strap pings she had been giving Jane felt like. Jane offered her an embrace and Rose was crying on Jane’s shoulder.


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