Saturday, August 05, 2006

Spanking Progression with my aunt

My aunt began spanking me at age 12.

It was very embarassing for me to be totally bared and spanked by my aunt.

After the first rew spankings I realized that my aunt was getting off by dominating me and having me nude submitting to her for a spanking with her razor strop.

Once I discovered my aunts excitement at having me naked and spanked by her it began to excite me.

This went on for about 2 years with my aunt finding all sorts of stupid little reasons to have me bared and spanked.

It was around this time that my aunt found ways to expose herself to me leaving her door slightly opened when changing or the bathroom door ajar when she showered.

The culmination came one day shortly before I was to return home when my aunt called me into her room while she was changing.

She said she knew that I peeked in while she changed and she thought it best for me to get a good close up view, teasing after all I have had many close up views of you.

She tauted me asking if I would like that, of course I said yes.

She took off her bra and panties and gave me a long full view, she sure looked great.

Then after a few minutes she said I guess it is only proper now for me to spank you.

She had me get totally naked before her with her eyes examining me.

She put on a silk bathrobe with nothing on underneath

She put me over her lap and spanked me erotically with lots of rubbing and fondling.

I almost came that time.

It was several years later when I met up with my aunt again this time I was 20 years old, bigger and stronger than her. It was my intention to give her a spanking this time.

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