Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rival Princess

Val was the Princess of the northern province while Toby was the Southern Princess, to say the least they were not fond of each other.

The palace in the land of controversary was where Princess Val and Princess Toby met to try to work out a peaceful settlement.

Val pulled a fast one on Toby by having many of her guards on hand and threatened to beat her ladies in waiting if Toby did not sign over the territory.

Toby would not hear of it and so one by one each of the ladies in waiting on Toby's staff were strippped and spanked with a paddle and whip. You could hear the varied ladies crying out in pain as the strap, paddle or whip was cutting into their flesh.

This was all being done in front of Princes Toby, but she was secured and in no position to stop the whippings of her ladies.

One of Princess Val's guards comes running to the chamber to inform her that Princess Toby's brother broke through the lines and was approaching the castle.

Hearing this Toby informed Val that soon it will be her ladies in waiting disciplined with the strap, paddle and whip and that as the main attraction she herself will be spanked in a most humiliating position.

So the tables were turned it was now Val's ladies that were stripped and disciplined one after the other.

All awaited to see if Princess Toby would really go through and spank Princess Val.

She had Princess Val totally stripped before even her own guards, she was placed into a vice like device on her back, her ankles were tied and the rope pulled up so that her bared bottom was properly exposed for whatever implement was to be applied.

Princess Val was adamant indicating to Toby that she can do with her as she wants she would not break.

Toby wanted the personal pleasure of disciplining Val so she took the whip and began applying it to Val's bared hind quarters.

Stroke after stroke was applied in this most exposing and humiliating position and although Val grunted with each stroke she did not break.

Toby taunted that she would take the skin off of Val's bared bottom and was true to form strapping her over and over again, yet Val would not break.

When Toby's brother the Prince arrived and saw the condition of Val's bottom he had his sister stop and helped Val up.

He had Val brought to his chambers to be attended to.

The Prince turned to his sister and said she may not break from a beating so perhaps she would find being raped more to her liking, the Princess smiled as Val was taken out.


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